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With all the uncertainty in the Pregnant women is currently large: What if I need to be alone in the delivery room?

In some hospitals the men are not allowed to be present at the birth and in the puerperium station – to avoid the risk of infection with demCoronavirus.

Kareen is then Hauer freelance midwife in Berlin, and author. Her advice to pregnant women: mentally with the fear Situation do deal with, and self-confidence.

The Worst Case should happen-scenario, and the father must prepare to the birth in the delivery room: How can Pregnant women mentally? How do you win the self-confidence to be able to alone overcome?

Karen Dannenhauer: The idea that from today to tomorrow such an important constant as the support of the men and fathers during the birth is eliminated, seems to be the couples first, to be entirely unthinkable. The pulls the ground from under the feet.

Perhaps the sentence will help: give Birth you’ll your child alone. Always and anyway.

This sentence sounds intense, he is ultimately also a Form of imposition. But he also has a tremendous power inherent in at the same time. Women can give birth, and you always do it from your own force, in a way, therefore, also alone.

And away from the Immediate: The women are of course not in this Moment alone! Since the Baby, with the go together on this trip, as the midwife who accompanies and supports, and as the Partner or the Partner that are not physically, perhaps, in the Moment present, but mentally there is.

All of this is in the first Moment, perhaps, no consolation. But when it comes to prepare for this new adventure, this is a very important idea.

In view of the imponderable situation of some women is superior, perhaps, to get your child prefer to be at home instead of in hospital. In the short term at all feasible?

Then Hauer: That’s actually a impulse, the I more often hear: ‘Then I’ll stay just at home and wars there, my Baby. Since I don’t put myself and my Baby, and since my husband may be.‘

I think that is a very understandable thoughts from the parents. Nevertheless, you have to dampen the same in the approach: There are only a handful of professional midwives, home births offer.

This model destroys the statutory health insurance funds and the liability insurer, together with the health policy in the last few years systematically.

In addition, it needs in addition to organizational things, such as the completion of the very expensive liability insurance, or the possibility of a 24/7 on-call support, as well as suitable Equipment: for example, an emergency resuscitation equipment.

And, in the best case, of course, also experience with home birth help.

You can accompany not just any Pregnant women without the proper preparation as a home birth and very romantic to catch the Baby in the domestic bath. A real pillar in this particular Situation is not entirely sure.

The gynecological professional societies call for fathers to continue to the birth to allow. The clinics handle the individually different, some allow no more fathers. How realistic are such claims, therefore, to implement?

Then Hauer: I am very sure that all the Stakeholders, including the Medical Directors of hospitals, the consequences of these decisions are aware of. And in most of the clinics also accompanying the men in the delivery room are still allowed, because all know how important that is!

Important as the assistance and support, but it is also important as a biographical experience for father and mother on the way to Parenthood.

At the same time you have to see also the medical state of emergency, on the we are heading.

In the context of the infection protection act, or in the event of a disaster, are restricted in many Places of our social life are fundamental rights.

Clinics are very infectious-density areas at the Moment, and at the same time a particularly vulnerable: so It will go in next time a lot about people from the clinics do not hold out, must necessarily go there.

Personally, I think the situation will defuse if there are soon safe and qualified rapid tests, and fathers, and the Pregnant self, at the time of admission to the birth can be tested.

What can women who have just had a Baby? What is the aftercare?

Then Hauer: The recommendations to us midwives for visits in the pregnancy or in the puerperium are actually: to Reduce to a strict minimum, in compliance with certain safeguards.

So we sit with self-sewn Mouth guard at the other end of the sofa, send all the other members of the family out of the room, refuse offered drinks, and the time of the house to limit visits to 20 minutes, while we disinfect us a number of times the hands. Beautiful is different.

Everything that goes on, it will change to video telephony. Germany goes to facetime, we midwives also. It is hard for all of us to all of the borders challenge, and we are only at the beginning.

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