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Prof. Schreiber, at the University hospital in Kiel to possible long-term a Coronavirus sequences are examined infection. What could come on the formerly Infected?

That’s exactly it. Covid-19 was at the beginning as a pure pulmonary disease. Today, however, we know that the lung is probably the main symptom carriers of the infection and it is rather a systemic disease. The endothelium – the cells lining blood vessels, for example – are involved, for example, solid. In addition, among other things, the clotting of blood, and there is evidence of a cardiac and liver involvement. Perhaps Sars could lead-CoV-2, therefore, also to damage to other organs.

Austria’s Chancellor

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That sounds pretty grim.

If we know what the long-term damage could occur, we can take countermeasures in time. We take the endothelium as an example: In the case of an infection with the Coronavirus, it is ignited, which in turn could cause damage to the arteries is so strong that the risk for arteriosclerosis, a calcification of the blood vessels increases. Which would in turn increase the risk for heart attacks and strokes. But it could also be the opposite of the case. If we are aware of this risk, we can pay attention to the appropriate warning signals and timely therapies to initiate. And, of course, it also helps assess the challenges our health care is heading, you should have infected the Virus of a majority of the population sooner or later.

What do you value: Have Covid-19-patients with severe forms of the disease?higher risk for consequential damages, as patients who are only suffering slightly

This is currently still unclear. We suspect, however, that patients with severe cases may have other long-term risk profiles than the slightly Diseased, and in particular with regard to the lungs. Population studies like ours will be established on a representative Basis – our goal is to find every infected patients in Schleswig-Holstein, had he been ever so slightly sick. Even if purely externally, hardly any symptoms show, it can happen inside the body however a whole lot. Exactly the kind of questions we can answer, hopefully in the next few years.

You hear to match the theme with the “We and Corona”-Podcast:

At Covid-19 symptoms of the lungs are in the foreground, cough counts, but also shortness of breath. What do we know about possible long-term consequences, especially for this Organ?

Here we are, with what relates to the research, still in a very early Phase. Although case reports suggestive of consequential damages, but these reports, I think, is premature to pile up. To a seriously ill Covid-19-Patient is fully recovered and is recovering, it needs more months, a few weeks. It is not uncommon that patients have, even after six or eight weeks in a limited capacity. We know also of infections and pneumonia with other agents. Nevertheless, Covid differs-19 of these other serious lung infections – the Virus affects much more than just the lungs. This is in the case of Influenza, for example, not to this extent, the case.

At the University hospital Schlewsig-Holstein (UKSH) in Kiel is also examined in a study of the extent to which dietary interventions a heavy Covid-19-the course could be avoided. For more information for patients, click here.

How, exactly, the convalescent patients in Kiel are to be studied?

We plan to make a complete health check-up with the patient and to accompany you for at least ten years. Are considered mainly functional tests of all the key organs, including the lung, the heart, the liver, and also studies of the skin. In addition to blood samples, we want to use imaging procedures such as an MRI of the whole body. You can already say So well and thoroughly is hardly ever examined a Patient who comes in a clinic.

That sounds expensive – what is the advantage for the patient?

You’ll learn a lot about your own health Also other possible diseases can be detected in addition to the Covid-19-a result of diseases in a very early stage. In addition to the individual value for the own health, you also make an important contribution to the research.

Where can interested patients?

We apply current research funds of the Austrian Federal Ministry of science and research (BMWF). These are distributed, we will let the patients in Schleswig-Holstein, on the health boards cover letter. We hope to have a great popularity.

Sweden has chosen a different approach against Covid-19 – the country is trying to currently, a herd immunity against the pathogen to build up. How do you rate this approach given the current data situation?

Such an approach raises two problems: one is we know, as I have already mentioned, very little about the long-term follow the disease. Accepted, the atherosclerosis risk would increase to a Sars-CoV-2 infection significantly. Who would want to expose his children then such a vaccination try? In addition, it is still questionable whether there is a Virus at all protection by the so-called herd immunisation. It is the evidence that immunization is not due to the Virus is always be an immune protection for the result multiply. There is data from different countries – South Korea has made since the beginning – indicating that patients survived the infections, and antibodies are formed have be able to infect, also once again. If so, we have a Problem. Since then, this concept is not, and we will deal with the infection only much suffering and little Good achieve.

Only a vaccine is the solution?

It may well be that a vaccine based on a more effective level of protection than immunization by the pathogen. But we must succeed only once an effective vaccine. The not succeed of us would be in the acute virus to combat a particularly important role. Currently, various drugs are tested in clinical studies here in Kiel, for example, Remdesivir. From the first sequences we have quite a positive impression. In my opinion, it is especially important that appropriate resources early to administer. The question is only: How early? We are currently trying to find out.

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