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In the debate over controversial cheap deals for food the consumer demand Central more information for purchasing decisions in the supermarket.

“The price is not an orientation for quality”, – said the head of the consumer center Federal Association (vzbv), Klaus Müller, the German press Agency.

It is no longer the voice of that expensive food is automatically good and cheap is automatically bad.

Necessary, therefore, to facilitate consumers to sell you for stupid, and to make it clear, where there is a variety of product and process qualities.

“Then we will also experience a differentiated willingness-to-pay.”

Desire for more environmental protection and animal welfare

To lock in prices for meat a Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), the company is planned. More appreciation for food is also a theme in the Agricultural and food fair Grüne Woche (17. to 26. January) in Berlin.

The background is that many consumers, in surveys, more environmental and animal protection. Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) and representatives of the farmers emphasize, however, that investment in the project would need to be financed.

You can call consumers to buy appropriate products.

Consumer advocates Mueller criticized: “If decades have told a long trade, but also a lot of agriculture officials, every piece of meat, every fruit and vegetable is equally good, then you have attracted consumers with a sense and also a willingness to pay for different qualities, but.”

Lack of information

In addition, the market keep ready in his anonymity, no information on how well an animal lived or how much pesticides to cereal crops had been.

However, it should recognize, for example, whether fruits and vegetables come reliably from the Region. It is also useful for the planned national animal is well-mark for meat from better animal husbandry.

The chief Executive of the trade Association food, Franz-Martin Rausch, said the dpa: “The customers can inform themselves very well about the different qualities and production methods of food.”

Especially when animal welfare of the trade with an attitude of labelling for meat have shown, how to simply and effectively about different types of farming, and the customer can be a guide when shopping.

Regional products there is the “regional window”label, which will wide used. “The fact that the price should be no more orientation for quality, that’s not true.”

The more effort that is put about in organically produced foods, was reflected also in the price.

Affordability is a question of income

The vzbv chief warned that one could also enforce only higher prices, if agriculture is to deliver better quality. This includes clean drinking water, biodiversity and climate protection.

Müller also said: “The prices for food have contributed in Germany in the last decades, quite strongly, that the life for many people, is remained with a small purse affordable.”

This is also the farmers fees, recognition and thanks. This “social Dimension”” is not allowed to leave with all understanding for the farmers from the point of view.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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