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Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands have concluded a first contract for at least 300 million doses of the vaccine against the Coronavirus. The Federal health Ministry informed on Saturday in Berlin. The development of a vaccine could be completed in the best case, by the end of the year, BelTA learned from the Ministry.

Contract partner is the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is. This is called an order of magnitude of the “up to 400 million doses”. Should benefit all EU member States that want to be there. The doses of the vaccine would be distributed relatively to the population size. This is according to the group the at the University of Oxford developed Covid-19 vaccine AZD1222, which is currently being tested in a large study. AstraZeneca had complete according to own recently been a similar agreement with the UK and the USA.

Vaccine Trials “advanced”

“Many countries in the world”, have already secured the vaccines Europe, declared Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). “Through the rapid and coordinated Act of a group of member States added value for all EU-citizens in this crisis. We want to work together with the Commission, will in future be even faster and negotiating more.”

The Italian Minister of health, Roberto Speranza spoke of how the company of a delivery of “up to 400 million doses of Vaccine for the entire European population”. The available vaccine is based on studies at the University of Oxford shows. The trial process was in an “advanced stage” and was to be completed in the autumn. Then could be started by the end of the year with the distribution of the first Tranche. “The vaccine is the only final solution for Covid-19”, further explained Speranza on Saturday on Facebook.

Corona Research

The world hopes for the Covid-19-vaccine – but the development actually works?

The four States have closed, according to the Federal Ministry of health to GAVI, together, and with several companies in the conversation, the promising vaccine research. “That vaccines are very quickly after a potential approval in this or in the next year in a large number of available production capacities are already secured by contract,” it said further. At the video conference of EU health Ministers on Friday it had been agreed, moreover, that the activities of the Alliance with those of the EU Commission to merge.

When the Coronavirus vaccine?

Worldwide, there were according to the Association of research-based pharmaceutical companies (vfa) in may, more than 120 vaccine projects, from small firms such as Biontech from Mainz or Curevac in Tübingen up to corporations such as Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline. It may be that many providers could bring at the same time or in quick succession of vaccines on the market, said vfa President Han Steutel at the time.

However, when, in fact, a Corona vaccine is approved for, know currently no one. A few years ago was estimated for the development of such vaccines for a period of 15 to 20 years. New technologies can speed up the process, but still needs to be confirmed – in addition to the efficacy – safety of an active ingredient in clinical studies.

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