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Anyone who runs regularly, and jumps, nasty Tartar bravely fought and villains such as nicotine, an arc power, you can look forward to a reward from the insurance company.

To about 95 percent of the performance of all 109 statutory health insurance in Germany is identical, the necessary treatments for 73 million Insured so regulated by the legislature.

But what is the funds different? What could motivate customers to change?

Above all, voluntary benefits such as osteopathic treatments, the of customers to the number at the end of individual contribution and good Service.

But the Federal Ministry of health also advises to ask, what is the bonus program is the best fit.

“A race to the competition for the best bonus program we do not see currently, if the health insurance companies have discovered this as a Marketing and customer loyalty tool”, so Dr. Jochen Sunken from the consumer advice centre Hamburg, Department of health and patient protection.

German love bonus programs

No wonder: discount hunting is a national sport. From the pharmacy to the petrol pump points are collected. Each German participates in an average of 4.6 bonus promotions.

This is the result of a study of the international market research Institute, the Splendid Research. And the trend is rising.

Since 2015, all statutory obligation of health insurance (GKV), your customer bonus programmes for health-conscious behaviour offer.

The rules of the game: an Insured person, the a certain number or combination of health-promoting measures within one year, to prove, to receive either money (back), or discounts on Goods and health services.

“In the design of their bonus programs, the health insurance companies are largely free,” says Dr. Sunken, “and this freedom make use of them.”

This bonus program is

In the case of the technician health insurance (TK) in the event of his activities online, via App or via a bonus issue. Sports precautionary beat badges, for example, with 500 points, tooth 200.

From 1000 to receive a payment of 30 Euro or 60 Euro as a “health dividend to Insured”, in the Form of grants for a fitness tracker.

In the study “Best statutory health insurance in 2019,” the German financial services institution (DFSI) was in the TK first place in the overall standings.

The best bonus program has been certified in the framework of this study of DAK-Gesundheit. Here to collect points, which you pay as an annual cash bonus (35 or 70 Euro Insured, depending on the point number) let.

At least two measures must be demonstrated. Even against a self-funded health benefits you can exchange points, such as glasses. This subsidises the DAK-health, with a further 20 per cent.

Particularly easy to the program of the IKK Classic is structured: For four different bonus activities, there are 150 Euro.

A beautiful idea: Who deserves the Barmer for a premium, has the opportunity to donate directly. Privately insured who opt for Generali-Vitality-program, begin at Bronze Status, and thus, already discounts with partners such as Garmin or Fitness First.

Through a healthy way of life is a climb up to platinum is possible: 45000 points. Each new Status is associated, e.g., with an Amazon-voucher.

A data Upload from the fitness tracker to the Fund will be rewarded with 200 points, by a health check up to 12 500 you can collect – provided the values are good.

The programs were not per se non-transparent, says Dr. Sunken, but to compare is difficult. And the consumer protector to keep in mind: “Some of the measures are subject to a fee.

You so first of all money, which is not compensated by the Bonus necessarily.

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In any case, you should not let high maximum bonuses visors, as this can be purely theoretical and expense include, the is difficult to.”

“We make the competition between the sickness funds more equitable,” announced Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn in October 2019.

“It is not the Fund with the best financial tricks to win, but the one with the best Service, the best care and the latest digital offerings.”

The Fair-cash-in-competition-law is expected to enter into force, it should be strengthened, inter alia, the incentive for statutory health insurance, “to promote the use of prevention measures of its Insured”.

By moving a lot, well fed, and from time to time, a check can be, the greater the probability to receive the quality premiums.

In front of a Sick insurance funds-exchange important to note

Age, gender, or health status do not play a role. Any obligation the insured must be included without any health examination of statutory health insurance funds.

In the case of private health insurance, the obligation is limited to the base fare.

After 18 months of membership you may terminate the insurance in writing.

Tip: the advertising exclude! A statutory health insurance but increases their contributions, so the individual additional contribution or reduce the payment of your premium, the Insured person and a special right of termination.

An exchange between two statutory health insurance funds will take two to three months, to be more precise: two full months of the end of the month.

Example: Who in his previous cash-until 29.2. a notice sent, may be from 1.5. when a different insurance company to insure.

Sasha King

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