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Late last month, Nikki — who is due within a week and a half of Brie welcoming her second child — got candid about how her body had changed as she neared the end of her second trimester.

"I don't think my feet have ever been this swollen in my entire life," she admitted on her Instagram Story. "But I can't even walk anymore! This is so sad."

In a recent exclusive chat with PEOPLE, Nikki revealed that as "a first-time mom," she's "really bummed" to have to forgo things like going to parenting classes with her fiancé and having a baby shower amid the coronavirus crisis.

But she's looking on the bright side and counting her blessings, despite her disappointment over other aspects. "My baby and I are healthy," Nikki told PEOPLE. "I feel so grateful for that because of what the world is going through and the people that are dying and struggling, but obviously this is not what I imagined."

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