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Congratulations, who can say of his relationship to argue hardly!

After all, everyone wants probably the most harmonious partnership.

At the very least questionable it is however, if a Few claim to get never really to each other.

Because, in principle, occasional discussions between the two partners are not only completely normal, but even conducive for love.

In überfriedlichen relationships, a serious Problem is, therefore, most of the time.

Of air and love life?

So two people find each other, it does not need at the beginning of a relationship is more than infatuation, intimacy and passion. Everything else appears to be first beside the point.

But it doesn’t stay (unfortunately). The more the other Person is part of one’s own life, the more relevant three additional properties: communication, understanding and a certain degree of solution-orientation – and on both sides for the preservation of the relationship.

Because of air and love it, unfortunately you can only have a limited life.

Back on the ground, however, the things that influence the life of a else, such as Finance, budget allocating and the maintenance of social contacts; unfortunately, only a relatively unromantic arrangements and compromises to clarify.

This, however, is not for everyone.

Stonewalling as a relationship killer

Anyone who operates in the relationship, “Stonewalling” is exactly a Problem: with negative issues.

To develop rather than in a clarifying discussion, the solution to an existing Problem, does he or she prefer to be emotionally dense and escaping from the Situation.

The one or the other then has the feeling to race against walls, and not with his or your concerns, because the partner or the Partner is blocking the communication completely.

The reason for this is that someone entrenched in his “Stonewall”, is usually the fact of the excessive demands of the Situation and is based on a deep sense of inner insecurity.

However, the behavior in the long term does not have a relationship.

Dear short quarrel breaks demand

If “Stonewalling” is a Routine, solves no problems, but moves only, until it eventually comes to the big Bang.

This is just for conflict-shy personalities are not just unpleasant but can even mean the separation.

In the gallery: 20 sign that your relationship is at the end of

Who realizes that he or she overwhelmed the discussion, get used to instead prefer to ask for a short break, and in time, for example once around the Block.

In time, only the thoughts are not, you can again re-sort, but also the minds of both partners to cool slightly.

It is quite possible that the military atmosphere is then much better to endure.

Larissa Bright Mouth

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