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The set "Sitting is the new Rauchen" is now famous, and it contains a lot of truth: Sitting for Long periods can actually lead to health problems such as depression, cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and even cancer. Researchers from the Netherlands published in the journal "PNAS" a closer look at the psychology of sitting busy.

To on stands what time of day you frequent? And you want to sit when you are tired? Such questions have researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands. "Sitting is definitely bad for you, but otherwise, we don’t know much about the psychological Seite", the psychologist Pam ten Broeke explained. "Every Time you stand up or sit down, is there a reason, be it a conscious or an unconscious. And we would like to know what these reasons are."

The Team found that office workers switch about to Sit 100 Times a day between and, where the Seating pattern in the course of the work day: in The afternoon, people changed their posture more frequently, while the seat of the phases were in the Morning any longer. Ten Broeke said: "Although people feel at the end of the work day, mentally tired, they behave healthier." It does away with the idea that Sitting – unlike sports – a conscious decision was because a lot of Sitting auto: &quot happens;Sitting is a habit of behaviour, and if you want to change this behavior, you must treat it as such."

This change in perspective could promote behaviour new measures for a healthier office: "This could be achieved, for example, that you create while working new standing habits or office environment so that you are forced, more often aufzustehen", so ten Broeke.