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Nowhere in Europe so many people have been infected with the Coronavirus as it is in Italy: With more than 4600 people the novel of the lung has been demonstrated disease until Saturday at noon. Nearly 200 of them died. For comparison: In Germany, around 640-Infected are registered, has died yet no one. The Foreign office has tightened on Friday its travel advice: It advises against immediately not necessary to travel in the province of South Tyrol and the regions of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna as well as in the city of Vo in the province of Padua.

But why there is in Italy of all places so many cases? And why the Virus spreads there is, apparently, stronger than in other European countries? The newspaper “Corriere della Sera” has interviewed three experts and four reasons analyzed.

Coronavirus in Germany

What is there? – Corona and the consequences

1. The wave was first detected when she was already too big

Massimo Galli is a Professor of infectious diseases at the University of Milan. He is convinced that The Virus has spread, probably from the end of January in Italy. Just Who brought it into the country, is completely unclear. The so-called “Patient Zero” has remained unknown until today.

The reason is that most of The Corona-patients produce little or only mild symptoms. Also, “Patient Zero, whoever he is, had no reason to believe that he was infected,” said Galli to the “Corriere”. He or she was therefore unconscious for more people – the Virus was able to spread freely, especially in the so-called Red Zone in the North of the country. “We noticed the fire until it had already burned the largest part of the first Floor,” said Galli. As the health authorities had detected what they had to do it, was the shaft already to big.

Coronavirus in Italy

Protocol of negligence: Why it is probably no "Patient 0", but only "Patient &1#034; will be

2. The “Super-Distributors”

Paolo Bonanni Professor of Hygiene at the University of Florence, brought a further component to the game: the so-called “Super-distributors”. You could be the reason why the Virus, although it is now known, and it Attempts to curb in Italy is still rapidly spreading.

Bonannis theory: In certain “subjects” have “replicated the micro-organism in amounts which can infect many people within a short period of time”. A “Super-distributors” could be infected and therefore more people than it was in the case of a normal spread of a flu-like illness usual. According to Bonanni could not be excluded that in Italy there exist one or more Super-propagator.

3. Italy is also testing symptom-free patients

Another reason for the high case in Italy, the high test frequency of the Italians is to be paid according to Fabrizio Pregliasco, a virologist at the University of Milan. While in other countries only to Covid-19 get tested, those who show symptoms, “have been carried out in numerous Tests to persons at risk,” said Pregliasco. Especially contact persons from Infected or potentially Infected are meant to be.

Due to the higher test frequency, there is also more identified Sick, as the virologist. For comparison: In Germany contact persons of the Corona cannot be tested-patients are usually immediately, but first in home insulation sent. If you develop any symptoms that is usually not a Test – some infections to remain undetected.

4. Italy as a “laboratory” for other countries

Hygiene Professor Bonanni assumes that the numbers of cases in other countries, probably not a massive increase like in Italy, because you benefited from the experience, which would have made the Italians in dealing with the Virus already: “at The Moment we are ahead of in the course of the epidemic a bit, other countries will not arrive until later, where we are now.”

So, for example, containment measures in other countries could be applied earlier if you had been in Italy, as effectively. “We are, in every respect, a kind of laboratory for other Nations,” says Bonanni.

Sources: “Corriere della Sera”, news Agency ANSA

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