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It expresses, tweaks, and draws – complaints in the back are particularly uncomfortable.

Against back pain is primarily to help the movement – in case of incorrect execution of a Workout can worsen the discomfort further.

If you would like to strengthen his back, should make for a conscientious and correct way.

Our Coach LeaLight your new Youtube Video, therefore, valuable tips for all of you who are unsure of how your back really can work out.

In just seven minutes, the fitness trainer shows how to calls for the back muscles properly – simply from home.

These four Exercises to strengthen the back

If you this Workout belong to on a regular basis in your training plan integration first, back pain, tension and co. soon the past.

You don’t need to take the way to the Gym you can do the Exercises easily at home by powers, except a Yoga Mat or similar pad you need no Equipment.

1. Good Mornings

For the first Exercise you put yourself upright on your pad, go very slightly in the knees and bend your torso to the front – the back should just quite and the view of a Meter in front of you on the ground be addressed.

Position your arms at a 90 degree angle away from the body. In the next step, you bend your body down to the lowest point – the Position of your arms and legs does not change.

Then you yourself, and return to the starting position – in front of you, you would of a ski slope, want to jump, and hold this position. Eighth, in addition to the fact that your body weight rests on your heels.

Finally, you repeat the execution with small impulses – take the power this from your lumbar spine.

Let the end your body and your arms loose, roll down and sit up slowly vertebrae by vertebrae completely.

2. Arm & Leg Lift

Go for this Exercise in the all-fours position to place your hands exactly under your shoulders and point your toes.

Now bring your right leg stretched to the rear and diagonal to your left Arm straight to the front – margin of your belly in the process.

Join now knees and elbows so that they touch in the center of the body and head back into the stretch – this Exercise can you repeat in your personal Tempo.

But don’t forget to switch sides after you short the voltage solved and breathed through you. Finally, bring your Butt on your heels and move into Child’s Pose – breathing in and out deeply.

3. Superman

Lie down for this Exercise on the belly to your toes, look to the front of your position and bring your arms at a 90 degree angle away from the body.

Range now your thighs and Butt strong and lift your upper body – make sure that the power comes from neither the shoulders nor the back of your neck, but from the back.

Think after the last execution of your torso at the highest point and bring your arms back to the Po – put your hands up, lead with your shoulders as far as it goes back and repeat the Exercise with small pulses.

Put you to the conclusion, quite relaxed and enjoy the relaxation.

4. Superman Crunch

Stay on the belly the tip of your toes to lie and again – the buttock muscles and the thighs are tense and your arms are at a 90 degree angle at ear level next to your head.

Rotate your torso to the side and lift it with a Crunch across the middle and you move your body to the other side and repeat the Crunch.

Lie down finally relaxed and breathe deeply, in and out, before you finish the Workout.

Antonia Hagedorn

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