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German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has given an abolition of the corona-related mask duty in the shops a clear rejection. It has broad support from the parties and the countries.

“Wherever in the public life of the minimum distance can be guaranteed, are masks an important and, from today’s point of view, also more indispensable tool,” said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday in Berlin.

This was necessary in order to keep infection numbers low, and to protect the others and themselves. “So Whether on the Bus, in the subway or in retail to the obligation to wear masks.”

This Position is shared across party and national boundaries. The CDU leadership as well as the Chairman of the CSU and the SPD-Markus Söder and Saskia esque – as well as various state governments spoke out against a repeal of the mask duty.

Such a step, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Minister of Economics Harry Glawe (CDU), had suggested in the ‘Welt am Sonntag’ for his country.

Seibert added that the retention is just now in the holiday time is important. “Regions that may have had to pay is now very low, now get the feed from other Parts of the country.”

The new mobility is to be welcomed. “But they must go hand in hand with the observance of the rules, which have served us so far in the past months in the fight against this pandemic as well, namely distance, hygiene rules, and that is precisely where it is needed, a mask of duty.”

“Corona makes no holiday”

Similar to the CDU-top argued. “Corona makes no holiday,” said General Secretary Paul Ziemiak after the last video discussions before the summer break.

The Bureau and the Executive Board of the CDU were unanimously of the opinion that, despite the positive development of the Corona-infection situation in Germany is no reason, from the mask of duty, or about the commandment of keeping ones Distance to depart.

“Mask-wearing is sexy,” said Ziemiak, came to the press conference with a mouth-nose protection in the party’s color of Orange.

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Söder stressed in front of a video conference of the CSU Board, you’ll have to loosen the mask of duty or abolish it. This was one of the very few instruments when it comes to protection against the Coronavirus. The Mask has proven itself in daily life.

The SPD-Chairwoman Saskia esque said in Calw, the Corona-a threat not to be overcome by far. It was more urgently needed to keep my distance and pay attention to the hygiene rules, so that there is no second shaft and a second Lockdown.

“Since we are all in a high level of responsibility. That’s why I strongly recommend to stay in the mask of duty.” The Co-Chairman Norbert Walter-Borjans, said on Sunday evening on ‘live’, “the mask to wear in the shops is a disgrace, but a reasonable imposition”.

Federal health Minister Jens Spahn urged caution.

“I understand the impatience and the desire for normality. But the Virus is still there. Where in enclosed spaces, the necessary distance is not always secured, the everyday mask commandments,” wrote the CDU-politician on Sunday evening on Twitter.

Only the AfD-Chairman Tino Chrupalla called, the mask duty is finally abolished. “The effect of mouth-nose masks are not only medically controversial, the masks are also an increasing threat for the local retail sector”, he argued on Monday.

He could well understand that a lot of citizens with mask reluctantly went shopping. The revenues would then be generated on the Internet.

Mouth protection is abundant and work the shopping lust

A spokesman for the trade Association HDE supported this reasoning. “We note that masks inhibit the shopping desire of the customers,” he said of the “Rheinische Post” (Tuesday). The decision, whether the mask is compulsory to stay there or not, would have to meet with politicians and professionals, not the trade.

Many Federal States opposed the abolition. “Wearing a daily mask that helps to reduce the risk of Infection,” said Minister-President Malu Dreyer (SPD) in Mainz.

“Masks are a rather small effort with a big effect, and – in connection with contact restrictions and high standards of hygiene – an important, even scientifically proven tool in the fight against the Virus.”

A spokeswoman for the government in Baden-Württemberg also stated: “The mask of duty remains a Central part of our strategy.”

The same proclaimed Hessen and Berlin. “For Berlin, the abolition of the obligation to the mouth-nose protection in the retail sector at the current time plays no role,” informed the Senate on Monday.

“Right now, where more and more was loosened, the distance and hygiene rules, as well as the mouth-nose protection all the more important to prevent the spread of the Virus.”

On Sunday, the States of Brandenburg, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein had rejected a timely at the end of the obligation to the mouth-nose cover or in shops.

The Rostock infections Loge Emil Reisinger supported this Position. “The danger of a second wave is still not banned. I hope that we can get there, but we need to be careful,” said Reisinger on Monday the German press Agency. The mask duty is an expression of these precautions.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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