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You can go to little to fresh air, maintain social contacts and make the nights in virtual worlds with a bag of chips on the lap – such or such-like prejudices to see passionate gamers more often from Non-gamers exposed to it.

A recent study by the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg and the German sport University in Cologne has now set itself apart closer to the actual health behavior of gamblers. And the project team “knowledge eSport” notes: As unhealthy as one may think, not life Gamer at all.

Online Gaming

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The average gamer: male, young, educated

Nearly 1,200 people have questioned the researchers about various aspects of well-being and recovery. Where and how have you recruited participants, not write them – but the survey suggests that the average gamer is male (as about 88 percent of the participants), 23 years old, and has a high level of education. So half of the gamblers can have a completed high school diploma or equivalent.

How much and how ambitious game is, is mixed in the sample well. Most of the respondents only play as a Hobby, almost a third also takes part in virtual competitions.

More time, less health

Concerned friends or parents may now breathe a sigh of relief: the majority of The participants rated their own health as good or very good, in terms of load, it looks for video game enthusiasts also rosy. Only two percent of the participants stated that they are under high Stress. It is noticeable, however: The more time someone invests in the gambling, the less healthy the Person feels.

The researchers point out, however, that the causal connection remains unclear. If less healthy people just play more, or whether the Gamble is sick, can not be answered with the data collected.

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Gamers move more than the General public

To be able to health, maybe something more objective to evaluate, from the researchers asked the movement habits of the Gamer. The WHO recommends a minimum of two and a half hours physical activity in the week. Within the German population, only around 45 percent. However, the respondents gamblers are much more active: an impressive 80 percent stated to move at least as long as recommended. The average is more than eight hours in the week.

A risk for the player, as scientists see it, however, in the high levels of media consumption. This said, therefore, among other things, to communicate almost three hours a day on Messenger, or to look longer than one and a half hours a day of video Gaming-related. The resulting long seat-time is a new possible starting point for the promotion of health.

Source: “eSports knowledge”

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