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Valentine's Day 2020: if you are looking for cute and fun ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kiddos, try these crafts.

By Kuhoo Gupta

As the February 14 approaches, lovers around the globe are getting struck by the cherubic cupid’s magic arrow and preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Just like a raging river replenishes a deep blue ocean, Valentine’s day replenishes everyones heart with an incredible force of mightiest loving energy.

For so long, Valentine’s Day has been associated with romance, but I think it’s a wonderful time for parents to celebrate a special bond with toddlers as well with some amazing DIY heart craft activities. During these nurturing activities, toddlers not only tend to interact confidently, but fall deeply in love with the people who spend time during play.

For toddlers, these DIY heart crafts can show them how to become compassionate members of a loving and caring community. So parents, if you are looking for cute and fun ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kiddos, try these five simple, super easy and affordable heart crafts below.

Exploring symmetry with wool art of heart cutout

Cut out a heart using construction / chart paper. Fold it in half. Take a thread or wool and dip it in acrylic or poster colour. Then place the wool randomly on one half of the heart and fold the other half of the heart on top of the bottom one holding on to one end of the wool. Then press the folded heart with another hand and gently pull out the wool from the heart cutout. This will result in beautiful symmetrical patterns on the heart based on how the wool was put inside it. Make a couple of such heart cutouts and then paste them on top of a handmade card. Write a message to your loved one inside the card.

Puffy Heart Card with wet on wet painting of hearts

Cut out hearts using watercolour paper. Using a wet brush, moisten the paper a bit. Then using different water colours, touch the brush at different points on the heart cutout. Since the paper is wet, the water colour will be diffused on the paper randomly, giving us beautiful patterns. Use a double-sided tape, stick one side at the bottom of the heart paper and stick it to a handmade card. The Puffy hearts card is ready for your loved one.

Weaving inside heart cutout

Take a cardboard and cut a hollow heart inside. Now punch holes at the boundary of the heart. Take some wool, tie at any one hole and start threading and wrapping it through the holes across the sides. When the wool is about to end, tie it at the nearest hole. Your very own art piece is ready for this Valentine day.

Wax resist heart painting

Take an A4 size construction paper. Take a white crayon and make a heart and fill the heart with white crayon. You can also use any other coloured crayon to shade the heart. Now take a broad brush and watercolour. Paint the entire paper using rainbow colours. The wax heart will resist the watercolour and all the other parts of the paper will have rainbow watercolour splash. Your colourful and beautiful wax resist heart is ready.

Heart graffiti with newspaper scraps

Tear newspaper into small scraps. Take a red construction paper and draw a heart using a pencil lightly. Paste these newspaper scraps inside the heart shape to make a beautiful heart craft. The contrasting red base and white newspaper makes it an attractive decor item.

(The writer is healer, parenting coach and founder of The K Junction.)

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