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Many rheumatic patients take permanently small amounts of cortisone to keep the disease in check. Cortisone products have side effects. Therefore, it was investigated in a study whether a Discontinuation of the Cortisone has a negative impact on the symptoms. More than half of the patients that was easily possible, as researchers in the journal "The Lancet" reports.

All of the participants in the study had received in addition to the anti-inflammatory antibody Tocilizumab for at least half a year of cortisone preparations and had their rheumatic disease largely under control. During the treatment in the control group was unchanged with both drugs, stopped the other group of Corticosteroids within four months after, and after, retained Tocilizumab, however. 65 percent of those who had discontinued the cortisone preparation step, there was no recurrence of the inflammation. In the control group, which were given a low dose of cortisone, this was 77 percent of the patients the case. In none of the two groups it came to serious problems, major changes in the laboratory values or withdrawal symptoms.

Cortisone slowly tapering off

"The treatment success rate of 65 percent when tapering off the Corticosteroids for a joint decision-making with stakeholders is of great importance. It can now be used in individual cases to assess whether further therapy with glucocorticoids is useful or Discontinuation wird&quot tried;, Prof. Dr. Gerd Rüdiger, Director of the Medical clinic said, with a focus on rheumatology and Clinical immunology at the Campus Charité Mitte in Berlin.

Cortisone supplements are highly effective for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. During long-term use to suppress the body’s own cortisone production and can lead to side effects such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, infections, fatigue and severe drop in blood pressure. Withdrawal prevent symptoms, should be discontinued such drugs, and according to ("ausgeschlichen") so that the body absorbs the production.