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You can see in the Video: reactions to the new Corona-restrictions in Gütersloh.

It is the largest single Corona outbreak in Germany. In Gütersloh, Germany, about 1500 employees of a slaughterhouse, the meat processor Tönnies with the Corona had infected the Virus. On Tuesday, the North Rhine-imposed-Westphalian Prime Minister, Armin Laschet, a “Lockdown” over the entire district of Gütersloh. “We introduce a contact constraint, such as in March”, said Laschet in Düsseldorf. This should be 30 to of the. June apply. In this time, is to be amplified, in the circuit tested, in order to obtain clarity as to whether the Virus has spread to the population, away from the slaughterhouse and transferred. The people in Gütersloh showed on Tuesday understanding of the new measures: “Yes, actually, we need to be isolated a bit. So I think if we see it purely rational and without emotions, is it right. But I think, for all is real now bad again. One has a bit more freedom, you can enjoy it in an entirely different. And now is shut everything down again.” “It is, Yes, but also maybe better to take these precautions. As if 100,000 people re-connect. So this is my opinion.” “Yes, for us, that is, of course, all is not well. We don’t want to all of them. But in the end, the decision is not with us.” “So, it actually concerns every gütersloh, of course. And I am of the opinion that if it is now so close to us, then we can, above all, is just a good example. I think, then, of course, cannot wait for everything else for a little bit. Because you have to take consideration on it.” So people in a circle may meet in Gütersloh, only in the family and household composite. Barbecuing in public space is prohibited, Bars and so-called “guest economic Breakfast bar establishments” to be closed. A travel ban for citizens of the district it is not, but it was. You could plan your vacation. Around 7000 Tönnies employees are already in quarantine, now it is also the observance of quarantine to ensure, said Laschet.