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With the rising temperatures, it attracts more and more people back into the open. Currently, you do not need to pay attention to the Anti-Corona-distance and contact rules, but also on a sufficient UV-protection. Because even now, the sun has a similar amount of power as in the summer, warns the health insurance company Barmer.

"Already in the spring of the sun, corresponding to summer the of late, and the sun can endanger the rays of the winter, pale skin particularly. Especially when it is not yet really warm, you underestimated its strength and is rapid and a Sonnenbrand", Dr. Utta Petzold, a dermatologist at the Barmer says. Therefore, the expert advises to apply a sun protection when you go for a longer period of time to Free. Especially in the case of children this is important because your skin is thinner and more delicate than that of adults.

Sunburn has gefäannual Spätfolgen

The UV Index, which provides an orientation to the need for sun protection, Petzold, according to the already medium to high. As the skin have a light Sensor for UV, you can see immediately, if you burn. So the rays could penetrate deep into the skin and cause lasting damage. The harmless late, among other things, a prematurely aging skin are the consequences, in the worst case, but may also develop with dangerous skin cancer.

"Who wants to let his skin do not unnecessarily from the sun, stress, you should take sun cream for the face and over the lunch hours, long clothing. Even better, the leisure activities of the time of day and year, as well as the UV-anzupassen&quot load;, Petzold says. A walk in the morning, in the spring, usually harmless. Longer stays in the blazing midday sun, you should refrain, but better.

Sun für more Vitamin D

To avoid the sun completely, but it is neither necessary nor useful. Because man is dependent on the ultra violet rays quite. "Without UV radiation can form in the skin the necessary Vitamin D. For the sufficient coverage of the vitamin needs for a long sun-baths, however, are not erforderlich", so Petzold. Even with a slightly cloudy sky enough UV radiation to reach the skin.


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