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You can see in the Video, what is RKI Vice President Lars what a pity, says the 24.4.2020 to the corona crisis in Germany.

24. April 2020 Lars what a pity, the Vice President of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said the situation in the Corona of a pandemic: “the fact That we came in Germany relatively well so far by the epidemic, we have to thank, as I said, the measures. That the case numbers at a Level have remained, with the health care system can handle. And it must remain so. We must not be careless. Just in terms of the first relaxations. This may now lead to a landslide of further loosening the drag to. Some think that is not but might have been not so bad. And then why all these measures? To say that again very clearly. We have had in Germany so far, approximately 5,300 deaths within just a few weeks. That is bad enough. It 5300 people that have been ripped from the life, the families and friends had to mourn the absence of now. And it will, unfortunately, die more people.”