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There are plenty of videos online in which fitness influencers challenge themselves to perform hundreds upon hundreds of pushups every day for a set time period, tracking their gains along the way — but for beginners, it’s better to start with a manageable number.

Triathlete Nick Bare has spoken before about his ritual of doing 100 pushups every day, and how he believes it’s an achievable goal for anybody regardless of their level of fitness, and can function as a gateway in terms of building good habits. Earlier this year, YouTuber Nav tried the challenge for himself, committing to 100 pushup reps every day for 30 days.

“My chest and triceps are currently sore,” he says on Day 4, adding: “I can hardly get 8 pushups done in one go.”

He breaks the 100 pushups down into 3 sets which he does throughout the day, consisting of 35 reps in the morning, 35 in the afternoon, and 30 in the evening. Outside of the pushup challenge, Nav hasn’t made any other changes to his diet and he isn’t doing any other special training, as he wants to see what impact this exercise alone will have on his fitness.

“The soreness had completely gone by Day 8, and I don’t feel any sore muscles any more,” he says when he has reached the halfway point. “I’m now stronger, and 100 pushups are getting a bit too easy.” He decides to make the second half of the challenge slightly more difficult by adding intensity to his daily workout, through raising his legs and adding weight to his back during the 100 reps.

After 30 days, Nav’s biceps are measurably bigger, having grown by .75″, while his chest also appears to have put on muscle (around 2″ worth). While he says hasn’t lost much weight, his waist has dropped from 41″ to 38.5″, and Nav says he is leaving the challenge feeling motivated to continue pushing himself, especially given the progress he made in such a short period of time.

“Closer to the end, I could easily do more than 50 pushups in one go,” he says. “It’s now become a routine habit. I’ll also adjust my diet and add some additional exercises to lose some fat and continue gaining some muscle.”

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