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You can see in the Video: sex consultant about Corona – “problems in bed are increased by the crisis”.

Susanna-Sitari Rescio:

“For me, this is a great contradiction: on the one Hand, we are encouraged to keep a distance, this contact is Central.

I am Susanna-Sitari Rescio. I am a Sexologist and since 20 years I work in my own practice in Hamburg.

I know when I was in Italy to lead a group there, and I was not allowed to it, because the limitations were. Then I flew back to Hamburg, and here it was not yet so far. But I came up with this feeling here, and I told my friend, though, it could happen here. And indeed, A week later, about the first shots came.

I have often been asked: ‘How is it now with the sexuality in the Corona time?’ My answer is: For couples where sexuality is a resource, that is, where it runs well enough, it remains a resource. Then it is an important source of energy. In the case of the pairs in which it runs less good, it not better. Alone the fact that you have more time or in the home office. That is, if there are problems, then these will be strengthened.

The self-experience groups are not allowed to do. That was sad for me. Just as I was not able to lead the trainings that I do. The work in practice was still possible. But it has been greatly reduced, because people are then no longer came so much.

Then I switched relatively quickly to online. I was also kind of clever, how to do that, because that was new to me. To conduct a group video conferences. But it has worked out fortunately, and I’m very happy about that.

The theme of contact and absence of Contact in this time is something that keeps me very busy and also sad. Because touch is simply not optional. It is an absolute basic need, both spiritually as well as physically, is organic. For me, this is now just a big contradiction. On the one hand, we are encouraged to keep a distance. But as I said, touch is Central.

Personally, I have the Lock taken down sharply. I’m Italian and I live in two countries. I’ve been travelling back and forth and work here and there. And also my relationship, so my Partner lives in Italy, and we were allowed to us, now three and a half months not see. This has hit me very, very sad made, and sometimes really angry. For example, when I with the Italian Embassy and I was told that I was allowed to, unless there are serious reasons to travel. I thought: ‘Yes, I want to see my Partner. This is serious for me.‘ But that’s not enough for you.

Otherwise, contact missing me, missing me a contact and I am a passionate Tango dancer. There quite a lot from what happens to me is important in life, what I do with my work transport. Mindfulness, Touch, Movement, Dance, Physicality, Sensuality. And that is just not possible now. And who knows for how long – just to dance Tango?“