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Patients can, in future, via video consultation from the doctor for a sick note. A prerequisite for the Sick Video-is that the Insured, the physician practice is known and the disease allows for an examination via video consultation. The the Joint Federal Committee of leading representatives of Doctors, health insurance companies and hospitals decided how the panel announced on Thursday in Berlin. A claim of the Insured person on Sick leave by video consultation, however, is not. The new feature is independent of the Corona-created pandemic, as the Committee stressed.

The initial determination of incapacity to work per Video is in a period of seven calendar days will be limited. A consequence of sick leave is allowed to give in this way, it is only if the previous inability to work was found in the case of direct personal investigation. Exclusively via an Online questionnaire, Chat, survey, or phone call, no one is allowed to be on sick leave.

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“As the Standard for a finding of incapacity, the immediate personal examination by a Doctor or a physician shall continue to apply,” said Monika Lelgemann from the Federal Committee. “In individual cases, but should be the determination of the inability to work on a video consultation possible, regardless of pandemic events.”

In addition, starting from 1. January 2021 digitized the certificate of incapacity for work for health insurance and submitted electronically. Already for a Long time, the digitalisation of the health sector is progressing.

The acceptance of video office hours:

Regardless of the current to facilitate the acceptance of Video consultations increased in the Corona-crisis. According to a July survey published by the digital Association Bitkom can think of now, 45 percent of German citizens to come in contact to a doctor. In may, it was 39 per cent, in may last year, only 30 per cent. In fact, a video consultation, 13 percent have used well – in may it will be 8 percent, a year ago, 5 per cent. For reasons of infection, protection of the Corona-crisis video conferences and meetings for more people than in the past in different areas of life are part of everyday life since the beginning.

According to the survey patient Video consultations increased to 97 percent in the case of a well-known doctor, and true – the Rest turned to Online platforms to unknown doctors


Open to many German citizens are, therefore, also for health Apps, which will soon be available, under certain conditions, on a cash costs: 59 per cent can imagine a use of “definitely” or “rather”. According to a law of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) can be prescribed for certain Apps by Physicians – for example, applications that help regular Taking of medication or digital diaries for diabetics.

Patient file:

A Central project in the digitalization of healthcare, electronic patient files are. You should 1. January 2021 as a voluntary offer to start. For criticism had not taken care of, that refined privacy settings are from the start. From 1. January 2022 is provided for each document individually, which a doctor can see it.

In the first Corona-shaft, a telephone was temporarily on sick leave have been due to a cold possible. It was a special scheme, the 31. May delivery. Contagion should be reduced, doctor’s offices are relieved.

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