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Never, the illness rate in Germany was as high as in March. The evaluation of the technicians health insurance Fund shows that, with 6.84 per cent, the proportion of the sick the highest value for the past 20 years. The cashier explains the above-average number of preventive sick because of the Corona-crisis.

For comparison: last year, the year was higher in the sick state at the time of only 5,30 per cent, in 2018, it was 6,30 percent. The evaluation is based on data from the TK-Insured.

The new diagnostic key for the Coronavirus induced lung disease Covid-19 plays in the sick-leave, therefore, only a subordinate role. Only 3304 sick of all overall, in March, reported 884.389 cases, write-back, went on the diagnosis Covid-19.

Infected in China

Both worked in hospitals in Wuhan. Both of them were sick. Only one survived

Mrs Deng and Dr. Xia, both 29 years old, worked in hospitals in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the starting point of the crisis, and infected with the Virus. Your very different case histories to show how unpredictable the Virus can be.

Preventive in sick due to Corona-pandemic

“We assume that a large proportion of above-average reports on the basis of the Corona is Sick by preventive sick pandemic explain,” said TK CEO Jens Baas. “The people have followed the recommendation not to stay in cold symptoms, for safety’s sake at home, in order not to endanger others.”

Accordingly, cold-related diseases have been responsible for the record in March. The highest values were registered for the past 20 years. In the second half of March, the Sick leave was due to cold symptoms at 2.70 percent. 2019 there were only 1.46 per cent and in 2018, up to 2.42 percent.

Usually, it comes every two years to a strong cold wave, which is reflected in high days low. Before Corona, the TK recorded the highest value of sick leave during the flu season 2017/2018.

The TK evaluated for the collection of the incapacity for work certificates of its approximately 5.3 million insured persons in employment. This includes the Employed and recipients of unemployment benefit I. count subject to social insurance contributions

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