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The world health organization (WHO) has declared the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus from China to the international health emergency. This means that the more than 190 member countries of the WHO recommended crisis and coordinate measures to prevent the spread to each other.

Still, the number of infections outside of China is relatively low, said WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Thursday evening, after the meeting of an expert Committee. But you do not know, what damage would cause the Virus in a country with a weak health system. “We’re all in the same boat,” said Tedros. The Virus could only be stopped. “This is the time for facts, not fear.” The state of emergency is officially called a “public health emergency of international concern”.


The number of Coronavirus cases in Bavaria, rises to five

WHO has recommended measures

Previously, the number of the detection was increased with the new Virus-Infected rapidly to worldwide, more than 8100. Two weeks ago, only 40 cases had been counted. Outside of China, more than 100 people had been tested in some 20 countries and a positive effect on the Virus. Including France, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, the USA, Finland, Australia, South Korea, India and the Philippines in addition to Germany. In many cases, the Infected travelers from China, but it also comes to new contagions outside the country.

The WHO now recommends that countries should be supported with less developed health systems. In addition, the work on medicines and vaccines should be accelerated, Knowledge and data shared and rumours followed. At the same time, the WHO recommends that no travel and trade restrictions.

Many countries have taken in the last few days of their own actions. “If each country imposed its own measures, it can be the recipe for a Disaster, such as a business,” had WHO explains emergency relief coordinator Michael Ryan before. WHO can but no country is compelled to take action or to refrain from.


"I protect myself by contact vermeide": German Student about the everyday life in Wuhan

Already, more cases than in the case of Sars

Meanwhile, more and more people are affected by the Virus as 17 years ago when the Sars pandemic. At that time, the Severe Acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) was detected according to the WHO statistics in 8096 people. By the new Virus, the Sars pathogen related, had come to Thursday, 170 people lost their lives. The WHO has called the new Virus “2019-nCoV – acute respiratory disease”.

The Federal Republic of Germany is planning a return action for German citizens from the severely affected city of Wuhan. The flight was initially planned for Saturday. Sure, but that was not even on a Thursday. The participation is voluntary. According to current estimates, there are approximately 90 Federal citizens. The returnees to 14 days at the air force Germersheim, in Rhineland-Palatinate in quarantine base, like first of all, the Newspapers, the media house VRM reported. Other countries are planning such flights.


A cruise ship with 6,000 tourists on Board set Corona-suspected, not confirmed

Coronavirus is suspected in Italy: the all-clear to ship

BMW has closed its three plants in the city of Shenyang. The Volkswagen group continues its production in China for the time being. The Swedish car maker Volvo extended to the Chinese new year, granted to production pause. “It is far too early to be able to a serious analysis of the economic impact of the Corona Virus,” said Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for economic research (DIW).

The first four patients in Germany were on Thursday in good condition, such as a doctor of the hospital in Munich said, where you are in an isolation ward. They have no symptoms. The four colleagues had been infected during a training at one of China travelled woman. In Bavaria, around 110 people were Infected in contact with are asked to remain at home. In several States, there are suspected cases has been confirmed yet.

In the port of Civitavecchia in Italy, around 7000 people had to wait for hours to Board the cruise ship “Costa Smeralda”. A tourist from the Chinese special administrative region of Macao have had on Board a fever and respiratory problems, wrote the news Agency Ansa. The passengers were not allowed to first of all go to the country. In the evening there was then the all-clear.

In China, the authorities said, more and more events, in order to prevent gatherings of people. In addition to the Lufthansa and British Airways, other airlines such as Air France, KLM, Finnair, American Airlines, SAS, the Spanish airline Iberia and the Israeli El Al announced their flights to China painting.

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