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Sometimes it is not easy to overcome the inner pig dog and play sports. Researchers at the Norwegian University of science and technology (NTNU) have shown that social media can help, by increasing the joy of the Training.

500 study participants, their Motivation and Training was quite different, were divided into two groups. One of the groups followed an Instagram Account called #dinmotivation, the researchers published three weeks of all three days of the motivation posts. The comparison of both groups showed that Instagram posts had a significant effect on the Motivation of the participants in the study.

More joy in the Training

Although the persons in both groups had equally driven sports, enjoyed the ones from the Instagram group for your Training much more: "Participants followed the contributions of, developed positive feelings in relation to your Training. The other participants did this nicht", Professor Frode Stenseng by the Institute for education and lifelong Learning, NTNU said. The contributions should provide people with a sense of belonging, ability and autonomy: "We have tried to make the participants on their own Motivation for Sport and to sharpen your awareness of why you trained haben", so Stenseng.

Social Media is the health f&ouml can;promote

The Track of the Postings on Instagram took only a few minutes per month. The psychologist, Silje Berg, who had carried out the Work, explained: "Today’s Influencers have undoubtedly a great influence, and this was one of the reasons for the implementation of our study. We want to show that the influence of Social Media will be positive and for the promotion of health can be used and not Vice versa."