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In times of Corona and the Home Office, particularly one thing should be able to breathe a sigh of relief, at least a little bit – the skin on the face and on the neck and décolleté.

Because she gets a well-deserved sit-down break from the daily Make-Up.

However, in addition to impurities, which are caused by inside Stress, suffering, currently, more and more people are what is referred to by dermatologists as “Maskne”:

The small bumps that result from a poorly ventilated skin.

Respiratory protection masks encourage skin blemishes

These are favored by the regular Wearing of respiratory protective masks while shopping, in public transport, as well as the work.

Noticeable these impurities especially in the area of the bridge of the nose, the cheeks and the chin.

Anyone who has currently struggling even with the small pimples to, but must not despair, but can support his skin with a few habits.

Friction and pressure can damage the skin

As the Name suggests, is triggered by the Maskne by Wearing a face mask and made it worse.

“Maskne is acne which is formed due to friction, pressure, or strain”, explains the certified Dermatologist at Thomas Jefferson University, Dr. med. Nazanin Saedi, compared with a’.

“They can occur in the areas covered by the mask, and also in the areas in which the mask and the face protection skin shields to touch.”

Under the masks, moisture collects

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, this Form of skin impurity was mainly in athletes, if the welding heat and the friction of the sport hit equipment.

“Now it is seen increasingly in humans over a longer period of time, breathing protection masks to wear,” explains Dr. Saedi.

The Maskne will be triggered – as with other acne also – the fact that the pores are clogged. Because “the hour-long Breathing with attached mask creates moisture, which forms the breeding ground for acne”, white the expert.

The friction of the mask can clog also pores, which leads to the formation of blackheads and whiteheads.

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Hygiene recommendations to protect the skin

Who now wants to protect his skin from the formation of the impurities, should act in the best-case preventive, and General hygiene recommendations to keep the benefit also of the skin.

“A cloth mask should be washed daily”, asks Dr. Saedi. “Who is wearing a disposable mask, you should replace them as often as possible, or between the applications bleed.”

For tight-fitting respiratory protection devices, such as, you should currently be medical personnel, not silicone gel strip is recommended so that the mask presses on the hours too much on the skin.

“This will help skin irritation to prevent,” explains the expert.

Gentle care in the face

If, despite the efforts of pimples from forming, should not be taken against this with all their hardness – a gentle treatment helps a lot more.

“People overdo it, it may be at home with face masks, scrubs, detergents and toners.”

Excessive skin care, however, can compromise the body’s barrier to its own protection of the delicate facial skin – in a row, which would form even more pimples.

Instead, the following applies: to Prefer a gentle detergent. “I would like to avoid products that are too dry, because lead to the fact that the skin barrier becomes more compromised.”

Humidity and fresh air help

A good hydration is also important and can help between the skin and the mask, a barrier arises.

And while Wearing the mask remains in the Public domain in the vicinity of other people as important, one should not forget, however, every now and then, in the fresh air on them.

So the face gets the necessary time, when no one else is in the vicinity.

Cornelia Bertram

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