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Tension and back pain plagues many people. Incorrect or lumpy mattresses and an uncomfortable sleeping position can be the cause of that. Click here to read how to make your bed properly.

Not only grief and Worry can Rob us of sleep: Even an uncomfortable bed with too hard or too soft mattress can sleep, prepare for lots of nights. "An ideal resting place adapts to the natural form of the body to – and not umgekehrt", Dr. Bernhard dick Reiter, chief specialist for Physical therapy and Rehabilitative medicine the-joint-clinic Gundelfingen says.

Choosing the right mattress helps a lot. Anyone who shares a bed should, therefore, in the best case a separate mattress, which is matched to the weight of the body. This is the best of about 20 inches longer than the Dormant and adjusts the spine. "Under no circumstances you should give in to strong and einsinken", dick rider emphasized.

Better too hard than too soft is generally the orthopaedic currency. In General, experts recommend that all serious people harder mattresses. As a particularly back-friendly resources are hard products. The Material (usually spring core, Latex or cold foam) for a healthy sleep comfort thick tab which is hardly of importance.

Mattress replace after 8 to 10 years

Regardless of the degree of hardness and Material experts advise, the mattress no later than eight to ten years, to exchange, to pain because location, copies and incorrect posture can lead.

Particularly comfortable dick riders, according to the so-called bed systems with adjustable suspension. This can be the body weight and personal requirements by choosing different comfort zones and levels of hardness to individually adjust. "You can significantly lower failure loads in the intervertebral discs and the muscles and promote their Entspannung", dick rider explained.

The most on the Rücover

Also, the sleeping position can have an impact in addition to the choice of the right mattress to back pain. The favorite sleeping position of the German the supine position. This Position – in the ideal case, with side-arms – in particular, in the case of back pain and tension decisive advantages: "It is contrary to the S-shape of the spine the most. In addition, the body weight evenly verteilt&quot is;, dick rider explained. Also, the side position with slightly bent knees has the benefits: The spine is stretched and relaxed. "Intervertebral discs, muscles and vertebrae can &ndash recover; provided the back is not very gekrümmt", so dick rider. Orthopedic surgeons recommend this Position for shoulder pain.

Plaguing chronic back pain, could also bring the embryo position relief: sleeping With bent arms and legs, has a thick tab that stimulates the blood circulation and relieves the spine. Back should and neck, however, not be bent too much. "Otherwise, Gelenkschmerzen&quot threaten;, the expert warns.

As unhealthy the belly location. This is not only the back. In many cases, the muscles of the neck braced by lateral head rotation. Comfortable this Position is only for the bed partner, Because the prone position prevents the tongue from slipping into the throat and even severe snorers often quiet.


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