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Who has Overweight, a predisposition to find it significantly harder to maintain a healthy body weight. One reason could be that certain behaviors are due to the pattern of eating hereditary, for example, the Snacking between meals.

The researchers have identified four behaviors, which are partially hereditary: irregular and unhealthy eating, restricted eating, emotional eating and Snacking. Especially Snacking in between meals and in the evening with obesity in the context. This researchers report in the prestigious journal "Journal of Clinical Nutrition".

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"These results should not discourage, but rather to show why it is some people have a hard time keeping on weight than others. With a balanced diet, physical exercise, and adequate sleep, you can fight the genetics. There are studies that show that lack of sleep leads to hormonal changes, the appetite anregen", nutritionist Dr. Leonie says-Helen Bogl of the Department of epidemiology at the medical University of Vienna. The results of the study could be used in a therefore, in persons with a corresponding "Erblast" targeted behavior therapies to Change the eating habits to perform. For the study, were analysed in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, data from a Finnish twin study with 4.036 twins between 31 and 37 years. An eating pattern similar to that in identical twin pairs, stronger than in dizygotic indicates that the genetic material plays a larger role than environmental factors. You know, around one Million genetic variants for Obesity, which the research team to a genetic "Risk-Score" summarized and correlations with the eating back under investigation.