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You can see in the Video: WHO warns of a “remedy” against Covid-19.

Madagascar offers a herbal remedy for sale, the Covid-to heal 19. Already last month, President Andry Rajoelina of which presented the funds at a press conference, drank a SIP and said it had already healed two people. The world health organization warned, however, the effectiveness of the Tonic had not been tested nor proven, and side effects have not been studied. Nevertheless, several countries in Africa, orders have to be abandoned. A Delegation of Tanzania met on Friday in Madagascar in order to collect your shipment. Tanzania’s foreign Minister, Palamagamba Kabudi, said: “I want to tell the Malagasy people, you have made us Africans proud. Because Madagascar now offers a solution to a global Problem, and that, where we are accustomed to the fact that these solutions always come from Europe and other countries.” The Africa Director of WHO, said she was concerned that people who had drunk the product, could be risky behavior, because they believed against Covid-19 to be immune. The agent was developed by the Malagasy Institute for applied research, it is based on the Plant Artemisia annua, whose properties help against Malaria. Individual components of the Plant are used for malaria, confirmed by the WHO, not pointed out, however, that the Plant itself helps against Malaria. The state-of-the Coronavirus infections in Madagascar was on Thursday in 225 cases, and 98 recoveries. Deaths there were previously none.