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Fitness enthusiasts sites, and club members are eagerly awaiting the decisions to Corona locker in the sport. How and especially when it comes to the use of sports facilities, courses and studios more, however, from state to state are very different.

Contactless Outdoor sports already in many places possible

Individual sports, such as athletics, Tennis, Golf, horse riding and rowing, can be included in many Federal States, because of the contact should prepare to restrictions and compliance with the minimum intervals, no problems here.

Difficult it is with indoor sports: Here will also apply in the case of an Opening of sports facilities and studios now strict conditions, which limit the number of persons, the minimum and the hygiene rules affect.

The 10 guidelines of the German Olympic sports Confederation

In compliance with the following ten guiding rules of Association and also team sports are supposed to be during the Corona – pandemic possible:

  • Types of sport as possible perform Outdoors.
  • Body contact to a Minimum.
  • Distance rules note: a minimum distance of two meters to comply with.
  • Hygiene rules – such as regular hand washing or Sneezing into the crook of your arm, to adhere to.
  • Use of Changing rooms and showers expose.
  • No carpooling for sports venue form.
  • No meetings or fixed stop.
  • Training in small groups.
  • Members of the risk groups particularly in need of protection.
  • Risks in all areas of minimize.

Fitness studios are open varies depending on the country

The re-opening of the fitness studios is the most difficult, since relatively many people in a confined space, train each other, and the distance – as well as hygiene rules, the devices need to be well organized.

Therefore, the opinions diverge about the appropriate time for an Opening far.

While sports studios in North Rhine-Westphalia from the 11. May, subject to conditions allowed to open, see the stage plan from the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania until mid-June, a gradual Opening.

In Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt were made for this, still no information, and in Bremen it is stated openly that this decision is still a while to wait.

In principle, the sports activities are subject to strict conditions. In the following table we have selected the already known rules for the individual States at a glance:

Financial support for clubs

Many clubs and fitness studios fear is currently massively to their members. While the paid service can not be provided, have established various manipulations with contribution payments.

A frequently applied solution is the membership to the exposed to extend months, free of charge, or vouchers for other services exhibit. The contributions not to collect in the first place, is the unpopular version, because it brings the clubs and Studios in financial distress.

Some state governments provide and that is why financial AIDS.

In North Rhine-Westphalia 10 million euros in aid for clubs have been decided, in Saxony it is intended to give one-time emergency aid, and also in Berlin and Mecklenburg-be prepared Vorpommern rescue.


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