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Air conditioners hurl the Coronavirus in the air, and the infection increase the risk.


Wrong. Air conditioning systems are skid no Viruses.


According to the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, a complex and a closed ventilation system in the passenger aircraft for a very clean air and a low risk of infection on Board.

It ensures that the air in the cabin is renewed every two to three minutes and the quality is in a hospital.

“The air in the plane is landing cleaner than after the Closing of the doors at the Start,” says Airbus chief engineer Jean-Brice Dumont.

The air in the plane, a mixture of outdoor air and recycled cabin air, is fed into the air conditioner through high-performance filters.

In the process, micro-particles are deposited: particles such as the Coronavirus can be removed according to Airbus, with a probability of 99.97% from the air.

In addition, the air in the cabin is constantly flowing from the ceiling down and the floor vacuumed again. So there is no sideways in the longitudinal direction of a horizontal current of air that could launch viruses “around”.

The air in the 10,000 meters altitude is very dry, with a minus of 50 degrees Celsius is very cold and contains no oxygen. The air pressure is very low.

In the passenger cabin of an aircraft, however, prevail air conditions, the need to meet the needs of the people with regard to temperature, pressure, oxygen content, moisture and quality.

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Air conditioners are part of a system that produces these conditions and in a controlled manner.

An infection by Coughs or direct contact, however, is also in the plane, especially if people are sitting close to each other, and from all over the world come together.

“It is necessary that the passengers carry on the plane masks, and all of the hygiene measures to be taken,” explains Dumont. From Entering the airport until the arrival there of a closely-knit safety net that applies – from the mask of duty to the disinfection of the hands.

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