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You can see in the Video: Studded glasses by mask – these Tricks really help.

Due to the Coronavirus exists in super markets and other public places mask duty. The Annoying part is that The glasses fog up very quickly.

We have tested various popular tips on how helpful they actually are. So you keep with a mask at any time by views.

The glasses with soap and RUB

By Rubbing the glasses with soap, the dam is to be prevented were. Before applying the mask, the glasses will be washed with soap and water and shaken off. Then the glasses to air dry or with a soft cloth.

In the Test, this method leads to Soap residue on the glasses and protects only partially in front of the Dam.

In addition, all of the glasses are not cleaning with soap is suitable. Check with your optician.

The mask close to the nose of concern

There are several possibilities. Some of these masks have a wire strap that seals the wings of the mask to the nose.

In the case of cloth masks, the sewn-in strip of a fast stapler can help.

Who has no mask, and no sewing kit on Hand can seal his mask with one or two folded handkerchiefs.

The sealing of the mask reduces the Fogging in the Test significantly.

To strengthen the effect, you can put the glasses on the mask– it seals in addition.

If these tips do not solve the problem, then the only thing On the glasses and to grab the contact lenses.