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Admittedly, some foods can be really difficult to dose. The Problem, to have too many pasta is cooked, surely knows everyone.

Instead of eating the leftovers the next day, approve, many, however, have a second Serving.

This makes you take more calories than the body actually needs. Especially for those who actually want to lose weight, poses a Problem.

But what are the portion sizes in the context of a healthy, well-balanced diet, appropriate?

A Food Guide the Organisation ‘British Nutrition Foundation’ gives guidance for the portioning of different food.

Food without the aid of portioning

The art of Portionierens is the guide, according to, to select portions so that you can easily without a scale or measuring Cup to represent – you do not have these tools in everyday life, after all, always at the ready.

So you should measure the according to experts, the food with the Hand or a spoon “”.

In order to achieve weight loss and to eat at the same time, be healthy, be the counselor, according to five servings of fruits and vegetables daily is a Must.

In the ideal case, at least three servings are from vegetables. An Apple or more berries fit in a Hand and thus correspond to one Portion. Vegetables should be renal with a tablespoon of portio.

Most of the people but, as everyone knows, in the case of fruit and vegetables over-the-top, but in the case of meat, cheese and sweets.

For beef and poultry, A Serving is about half of the own hand size. A larger person usually has a larger Hand and need according to the theory, a larger Portion than someone who has an average or small body size.

The same principle applies for fillet of Fish, while canned fish is equivalent to a Dose of a Dose.

The British Nutrition Foundation recommends a daily minimum of three servings of protein-rich foods to eat. This can be both meat and fish as well as eggs and legumes.

How much cheese are you allowed to approve of the day, without increasing weight?

The rule for this is simple: Simply put the thumbs together, press the corresponds to the size of a Serving. Two to three servings of dairy products are considered healthy.

So much Pasta is allowed according to the Directive, every day

To Pasta, rice and potatoes, it should not be (in the raw state), more than two handfuls per day.

In the case of sweets, you should be, of course, generally speaking, sparingly. Chocolate, biscuits and co. are not listed in the Plan, from time to time, a small Snack is possible, however, to avoid cravings.

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