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In the case of so-called Cheat Meals, you can sin during a diet once, and the Lust for Sweet or Greasy to give in.

Whether you put on Cheat-Meals or not, everyone must decide for themselves – of course it would be for the slimming success is still better to avoid the sweets completely the Finger.

According to diet expert Masha Davis Cheat Meals are, in fact, nothing more than a Scam of their own : “you are a sign that you’re not with your diet satisfied,” she explains to ‘CNN’.

But some of you just need to be able to a diet has a long-term hold and to eat healthier.

Who belongs to whom, where The latter is the case, these three tips can help you get the Best out of his Cheat Meal out.

1. The fight to the bad Conscience

To feel guilty when you indulge in something that leads to that you lose the pleasure of the sinful meal completely.

A further possible consequence is emotionally motivated stress eating can lead to weight gain and a bad relationship between one’s self and the food intake itself has.

If you have decided to feast on, should you stand by his decision, enjoy it and the bad Conscience off.

To achieve this, it might help to substitute the word “Cheat” with a “Treat” and to instead see the Whole as a small gift to yourself than cheating.

2. The Timing of the eighth

For some, it is most useful to have a daily Mini-sin, such as, for example, a piece of candy or a piece of chocolate, to incorporate in the diet plan.

Others prefer a weekly Cheat Day where you allow yourself something more.

There is also the Option of a Cheat to see the Meal as a reward for Achieving a set diet goal and set a new goal.

You should carefully consider which option is best, because each has its advantages and disadvantages.

One should ask the question, what could have been for a even the biggest motivational kick and, in case of doubt, several options to try, if you are not sure.

3. The gut hear

It is important to choose dishes that you can really enjoy.

This can be a Cheeseburger on a whole wheat bread or a granola bar. Is allowed, what the meaning is.

Because if you take something that fits into the diet concept, the own Snack-Lust but not really satisfied, you can do without the Cheat Meal.

Judith Kerstgens

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