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Despite new attacks by US President Donald Trump against the world health organization (WHO) have expressed the 194 member countries of the WHO you trust. With a resolution they demanded for the conclusion of their annual conference “a global, timely and equitable access and distribution” of vaccines and drugs against the disease Covid-19, which can be triggered by the new Virus Sars-CoV-2. Poorer countries fear that rich countries use at first only of their own population.

United States doesn’t want Impfpatent Pool

Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas praised the decision. “This is a great success and an important sign of our international unity in the fight against the Corona Virus,” said the SPD politician. So far, there is neither medication nor a vaccine. The Resolution also calls for an independent investigation of how the world and the WHO on the Corona-threat responded. Neither the United States nor China raised objections.

Research Covid-19

Former WHO coordinator: "A vaccine may have no great significance."

However, distance to the USA and later by some formulations in the Resolution. Including the requirement for a voluntary Pool for patents. This is to prevent the pharmaceutical companies protect themselves developments of the Corona means, the production limit, and for Profit. The United States would have concern that such formulations “could affect the ability of countries to create incentives for the development of new medicines,” said the American Delegation.

Donald Trump fires against WHO chief

While most of the member countries focusing on measures to contain the Virus, raised the Trump, again serious allegations against the WHO and its chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “It is clear that the repeated missteps that you and your organization done in response to the pandemic, the world are extremely expensive,” he wrote.

Trump was also an Ultimatum. The WHO should undertake within the next 30 days to “significant improvements”, he would adjust the payments to the United States permanently and the membership to reconsider. The WHO needs to show independence from China. What he imagines is concrete under the required “significant changes”, remained vague.

US had not taken pandemic seriously

Critics of Trump, in his campaign against the WTO and China from its own failings to distract. The US President had played the Virus, despite the request of the WHO to all countries, to a possible outbreak to prepare for week-long shut down. Today, the United States has the most infections and more than 90,000 deaths – more than any other country.

The WHO chief was not in his address at the conclusion of the meeting directly to Trump. “We welcome any Initiative to strengthen the WTO,” he said. “But now we must focus on to combat the pandemic with everything we have available to us, and to save lives.” You have robbed the people love relatives and friends. The pandemic on international cooperation to the test, but they have taught the people that they were only strong together.

Who gets the required vaccinations?

The organization Doctors criticized without borders, that the Resolution did not contain any obligation and, therefore, do not enforce leave. “The question of who has what access to much needed vaccines, drugs or diagnostics, may not be left in a global pandemic of voluntarism and arbitrariness of individual companies or countries,” said Marco Alves of the drugs campaign of the organization in Berlin.

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