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It’s hard to choose the best thing about subscription boxes. Snail mail! Expectation! Surprises! They’re literally a gift that keeps on giving, which makes them a fantastic choice for plenty of people — yes, even including the ever-elusive, what-on-earth-should-I-buy-them teenager. Subscribe to one of these, and on a regular basis (often once a month), your giftee will get a box delivered directly to their/your house — chock full of cool stuff. And you? Well, in return, you’ll likely get months-long adoration and major Cool Mom/Cool Aunt cred. Plus, the box prices are often quite reasonable (with some coming in under the $10-per-month mark) so you can even go wild on a 6- or 12-month order of one of the best subscription boxes for teens.

Because — luckily, for those of us searching for a great gift for that teen who refuses to tell you what on earth they want — there’s a subscription box option out there for pretty much anything they’re into. Pop culture fandom boxes? Check. Beauty gear boxes? Mega-check. And that’s just the beginning; read on for 11 ideas even discerning (read: picky) teens will have to admit are cool AF. And hey, gifting them one of these is probably a hell of a lot easier than trying to start a conversation with them.

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