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Having already spent a day following the intense training regime of boxing champion Mike Tyson, British bodybuilder and YouTuber Gabriel Sey sets himself an equally physically demanding challenge for his latest video: eating and training like the world record-breaking sprinter Usain Bolt.

Sey starts his day with an ab workout and a series of plyometric exercises, including side planks, reverse crunches, leg raises, box jumps, followed by a fried egg sandwich on white bread—according to Sey’s research, the Olympic champ tends to eat whatever he wants and then just trains like crazy.

He then heads over to the track for Bolt’s running workout, which is broken down into sections: starting blocks, acceleration, top-end speed, deceleration, and speed endurance. “FYI, I have no idea how to do a proper sprint start,” he admits, from a crouch. “I’m making this up.”

“My shins are killing me,” he says. “I’m not even a quarter of the way through. But after you become accustomed, and you do it more and more, you manage.” However, it’s not long before the drills start to take a greater toll. “The 100 has made me feel rubbish,” he says. “It’s maximum effort each time.”

Running training done, it’s time for the post-workout meal. And despite apocryphal accounts of Bolt eating up to 100 McNuggets every day while competing in Beijing, Sey acknowledges that this would not be conducive to proper training, and so instead he eats chicken breast, brown rice, and vegetables. He also makes sure not to skip his recovery work, hammering his hamstrings with a massage gun. “My legs are in bits,” he says.

Then it’s time for another grueling workout, comprising box jumps, ball slams, good mornings, barbell lunges, landmine press, power cleans, dumbbell step ups, Romanian deadlifts, ab rollouts. And for the final meal of the day, Sey plates up some of Bolt’s Jamaican favorites: steak, rice and peas, plantains and dumpling.

If Sey wants viewers to take anything away from this challenge, it’s that just one day in the life of an Olympic athlete is not enough to give you a full picture. “I don’t want people to underestimate what these people go through,” he says. “The technical aspect of everything is a different level.”

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