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With the weather finally getting warmer and many people working from home, it’s the optimal time to drag your laptop outside and sit in the garden answering emails (or on the balcony, or the stoop, or whatever outside space you have access to). Although working out in the sunshine definitely makes the day go quicker, as well as providing the requisite vitamin D we’re all craving right now, even the most expensive and high-tech laptop isn’t equipped for so much bright light.

The main issue with working outside in the sun is the natural glare on the screen, which can make it hard to see anything you’re trying to work on or read. Thankfully, the denizens of social media have devised an ingenious solution to this problem — and the good news is it’s affordable, easy to do, and doesn’t require even a modicum of IT expertise to pull off.

End sun glare on your laptop with a box

As reported by Metro, an intrepid LinkedIn user named Tom Wood posted a photo working from his own garden with a cardboard box propped up protectively around his laptop. “When you are working from home and want to enjoy the sunshine, yet can’t see your laptop screen because of the sun! Get yourself the latest technological breakthrough….. The Cardboard Box,” he quipped.

The hack was a massive hit online with one Twitter user gushing, “To whoever it was who posted this laptop box cover invention, the Delahoy family would like to say thank you,” alongside a shot of a woman happily working away on a balcony with a box propped up to block the glare. The original post has been liked more than 50,000 times with comments flooding in commending Wood for his genius.  

Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on the temperature of your laptop, even if you employ this nifty trick. As House Beautiful advises, most models will be fine up to about 30 degrees Celsius (around 86 degrees Fahrenheit) but, beyond that, you’re risking causing damage to your hard drive. Even with your box propped up, always be mindful and ensure your laptop isn’t overheating to avoid damaging it.

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