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With the car to get to work and in the office, then sitting back: Many Employees to move a little in everyday work.

To carry on any physical damage, recommends the Institute for Occupational health advice (IFBG) about the workplace as far as possible dynamically to set up, so for example the printer or the trash in the hallway.

So have to get up for every expression or every discarded idea, and a couple of steps to be taken.

Good Orientation: The 40-15-5 Rule

A Standing Desk is useful. But not in any office or home office there is an adjustable Desk.

The solution is as simple as it is unconventional: to work On a chest of drawers or a shelf, can be a real Alternative, books or boxes can serve as additional increase.

So, it is also possible, the so-called 40-15-5 rule to adhere to: 40 minutes of sitting, stand for 15 minutes and then 5 minutes to move the body in movement remains.

Fresh air does you good

If the thoughts do not want to flow, is during working hours, a walk in the Park. In the fresh air, mental blocks will dissolve of itself and is a wonderful place to brainstorm.

Anyone who imports regularly smaller Exercises or even movement rituals, such as after using the toilet, can’t relax not only the body, but also for a better concentration to worry about.

The Main Thing Is That Movement

The creativity are no limits as set: regular Arm, shoulder, head and hand circles, body stretching, or even jumping jacks, everything is allowed.

“And why not during the work to the dance?”, encourages the IFBG.

Speaking of the toilet Alone, makes for quite a lot of movement. The more so, the better. And, it works best with a lot of drinking, which in any case is good for health and important.

Study: women moving less

According to the world health organization (WHO) recommended 150-300 minutes of moderate exercise per week, so about faster Go.

From a moderate physical activity of 300 minutes rates additional positive health effects, such as a lower risk of breast cancer, or colon cancer, Diabetes, or stroke arise according to the WHO.

In the study from the IFBG of the data evaluated show that about 67.7 percent of the men come to at least 300 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

For women, there are 61 per cent less, explains the IFBG. Surprisingly, according to the Institute, that only 60.5 per cent of the 30-39 Year olds come out on at least 300 minutes per week – there is still room for improvement.


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