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Summer is the time of strappy shoes, the Slipper, the sandals – and, unfortunately, the blisters. The warm, moist climate between the skin and the Shoe favors their formation.

But there is a Trick to the nasty Pain prevent: a Little powder or talcum powder on the dry feet RUB, and possibly also something in the shoes.

“I learned that in Italy, because there you would never wear socks in open shoes,” says Claudia Schulz from the German Shoe Institute.

The powder absorbs the moisture and thus provides a degree of protection against bubbles. Who wants to wear socks, you should use what is made of Merino wool, advises the expert. They also take moisture well.

Not too long and not too far

Of course, it reduces friction, especially by a perfect fit of the Shoe. Here applies: It should be neither too long nor too short. “In front of the toes and is a should have-penny piece place, because the foot when Rolling forward,” explains Schulz.

However, the length is not everything – the size is just as important. After all, who has a narrow foot, slips in a wide Shoe back and forth, although the length might be true.

A tip: You should keep in mind when purchasing that the volume of the foot can vary in the course of a day. Who buys in the morning, chic shoes, you must expect that they are in the evening, perhaps too closely.

Because after a day it is a lot of running, the foot is thicker than after getting Up in the Morning.

You can’t the shoes then just? They are made of leather, whether it may be worth a try, says Schulz. Because the Material is stretchy and a good shoemaker could do this with your equipment.

“But I would always be careful, because it has spoiled a Shoe so quickly,” warns Schulz.

Blister plasters at the ready have

Anyone who has walked, in spite of a good fit and powder a bubble, you should use special blister plasters. “I always have in the handbag,” says the expert.

The blister plasters promoted the healing and take the Shoe to wear something pressure of the painful area.

Normal patches made, however, sometimes difficulties, says Schultz: “Sometimes you roll to the side, and at the end of the body is rather worse than better.”

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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