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Maddie Lymburner is a Fitness all-round talent: The Influencerin is trained not only by – as a vegan, she has even brought out his own cookery book in the series.

On Youtube and Instagram they are not motivated her nearly 3.5 million Followers not only eat healthier, but to also keep, using crisp Workouts fit.

On your Youtube channel MadFit has now released a new exercise sequence designed specifically for buttocks and thighs, it.

Preparation for the Workout

For the exercise of Maddie’s Workout, in addition to a fitness Mat three things:

Because the latter will not remain in this Workout saves. But at least you know after what you have done for yourself.

At the beginning of Maddie, by the way, a short warm-up training. Because without the Warm-up Training with Weights go quickly to the rear and cause injury.

20 minute Booty-Booster with MadFit

Through a total of eight Exercises in the Fitness leads-Influencerin that goes through all the sequences, even in real-time.

This makes it easier to climb right at the beginning of the beginning of the video and leave. Between each 45 seconds Exercises 15 break to be held, in total, the Workout consists of two rounds.

  • Span, the booty band around your thigh, and take part in a semi-deep Squat. Don’t think the tension between the legs, so that the Band slips down and then walk for 45 seconds, alternately to the right and to the left.
  • Take the dumbbell vertically in both hands in front of the chest and pull for 45 seconds to clean out Squats performed. The weight of the barbell increases the effect.
  • Grab now back to the fitness band that you draw you again to the thigh. The best thing is you supports you with one Hand on a wall while you stretch first the left leg backwards against the resistance of the Bands. Repeat the Exercise and then with the other leg.
  • Do now for the next 45 seconds Dead Lift: Grab the barbell shoulder width in the hands, and lower yourself with a straight back in the squat and back to the straight starting position.
  • Make a big lunge into the lungs and hold you in this Position. The hips should stay straight and not tilt. Then pull the rear stretched leg back, bent up in front of your body and back. Repeat the Exercise and then with the other leg.
  • The next Exercise takes place in the Are: to Put the fitness band around your thighs, bend your legs and spread your thighs against the resistance of the Booty Bands.
  • Stay in the lying position, do not grab but instead of the fitness bands back to the barbell. You put these on the abdomen. Now I’m working against the weight, while you lift your Butt and back from the ground again, and finally absenkst.
  • Without Equipment, you will embark again in a lung to the back. Unlike in the previous exercise, the stretched leg is not drawn, however, to the front, but to the rear, stretched out and lifted off the ground. Then it goes back into the lungs, and finally back to a neutral state. Now the other leg is up.

Already out of breath? I hope not, because right after all eight Exercises to be repeated again.

Larissa Bright Mouth

*The contribution of “home training: 8 Exercises for defined legs and a firm ass” is published by FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.