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With Corona sale connect send. People fear for their existence or do not know how to combine work and childcare with each other. But it also goes to people in need of care, not understand why a home is sealed off. FOCUS Online, according to records a case in Krefeld.

Franz Reiser* lives with his wife Hilda for decades in a family house in the vicinity of Krefeld. Since 2018, the over 80-Year-old demented, the ability to speak is just as disturbed as his day – and night rhythm. Care level 3 will be granted.

In August 2018 Hilda is the wife because of the mental and physical stress will be able to take the time – and energy-sapping care. At the end of their forces is then taught myself in the hospital. With consequences for Franz: He must in the short term. for eight weeks in a short-term care in a Krefeld home”He didn’t get on at all well,” says his son, Stefan. “Although I visited him every day there, he wanted only to go home,” says the 50-Year-old.

In September 2018, the desire of Francis to be heard, he can return home. Since his wife is no longer able to care for him, ready now and in around-the-clock nurse.

A year later

For a year father Reiser is cared for at home. Then something occurs in the age is happening more frequently Due to an infection Franz is hospitalized, he is and has to go home. The courses in Krefeld are rar, by contact to a local nursing home admission in a full inpatient care will be prepared. Franz is tough, he is recovering well thanks to intensive care by relatives, and can even run short distances again. The dementia is progressing, however, care to degree 5 is requested.

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“Its 84. Birthday we have celebrated in the home,“ says Stefan. “Father has accepted, to no longer be able to live at home, and even if we went with the wheelchair past the house, he no longer had the urge to want to stay there.” The son visited his father every day, because the mother is not fit to the situation, his brother lives more than 400 kilometers away. Franz, it is doing well under the circumstances, only the risk of falling is latent. But more on that later.

“Like being buried alive” – Corona-Lockdown in the nursing home

At the beginning of March is driven by his wife in rehab in Bad Meinberg, a few days later, the Lockdown is done in North Rhine-Westphalia. On Friday, 13. March are Stefan and his wife Maria every day in front of the door of the home to visit the father. “At the door the home welcomes us and tells us that we are not allowed to visit him,” says Stefan.

The rules during the first Corona-acute phase were strictly, not many were able to visit their relatives in nursing homes. How have you experienced this? Write to us your experiences [email protected].

He is in despair. “How should we explain to a demented people that we can because of Corona to him? Even if he understands it, he has to forget about it the next day!“ As you leave the home, you feel miserable and helpless. “You can’t do that”, excited he compared to the home line. “You buried my father alive.”

Stefan is a fighter, he wants to help his father. In the night, he writes an E-Mail to NRW-Prime Minister Laschet, that you can’t lock up the old people easy, even if you want to protect you from Covid-19: “I wrote him that my father would not die to Corona, but by the circumstances of isolation. An answer I received but never.“

14. March 2020 is the first day in a long time, he does not see his father.

A little light

Sunday then a ray of light: The NRW-decree provides that a Person per day, for an hour is allowed in the home. With this scheme, Stefan life, he goes home to his father. “This is bullshit, no-one is allowed into the home,” was the scornful answer from Franz, as his son tried to explain to him why he can visit him only alone for a short time. What to expect from a dementia, people with nursing degrees 5 also.

What follows are some bureaucratic steps that are to be understood for members of hard to come by. On Monday, Stefan gets a call from the Nurse that he is allowed only with protective clothing to his father and to him only in the room to visit. “I mouth worried protection and gloves, that was all, no Problem,” says Stefan. 

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On Tuesday, he was allowed to visit his father, only between 15 and 16 o’clock. “Making the Corona in this time break?”, Stefan asks, ironically, but even here he adds to the instructions. On Wednesday, he must also wear a Kittel, the time remains the same.

No visit allowed the nursing home to prison

The paralyzing horror on Thursday, the 19. March. The Nurse told that there is no visiting in rooms is allowed. The home becomes a prison. Stefan is pissed: “The Paradox in the country is the real “cons” to be left out of the prisons because of Corona free and the old people are locked away.” He can’t believe it and has no idea how he can be his dad, and a decent living.

Every day he goes with Mary to the home, the father is pushed to the balcony on the second floor or at the window of the community room. There are only short moments that do not fulfill their purpose. It is cold, Franz freeze and want back in – with his son into a Warm room.

“Come on, come on, he said, and with the arms waving,” recalls Stefan with tears in the eyes at these moments, which are unlikely to endure.

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  • The fear of the Corona becomes a reality at the beginning of April, but in a different way than I thought. The cure, Franz’s wife, Hilda learns because of Covid-19 and 110 Infected to an abrupt end. After a week in quarantine in Short you can be after a negative Test of cure picked up. After that, you must spend 14 days in quarantine in the house. As long as your husband is no longer living but.

    Back to Franz: The weather is better, he’s being driven around in a wheelchair in the front yard. “Up to a distance of three meters, we were allowed to us over the garden fence with him a couple of minutes,” says Stefan. Franz looks bad, he misses his family and has been heavily mined. The health condition deteriorates almost hourly. At the next Meeting, he just sits apathetic in a wheelchair. Only at parting, he wakes up a little and waving in a friendly way.

    The femoral neck fracture is the beginning of the end

    On 8. April rushes Franz and breaks the neck of the Femur. After consultation with the family and supported by a patient’s SURGERY is to be performed, but only palliative treated. The doctor asks Stefan to have a signature, he drives to the hospital to do this, and then to his father.

    The pain for the family. The father sets the eating and Drinking, palliative care doctor and home try doctor, to relieve the pain. 11. April, approaching the end, Dying may be visited by a Person of the day. Stefan’s brother, and a pastor will be informed. The mother is still in quarantine.

    Stefan’s brother Carsten comes and spends the day with his father, the next day the chaplains, a friend of the family. Then the Tuesday. 14. April will be the last day that Franz Reiser lives. His son spends the whole day alone with his father. He is about to Die.

    The dying process is in progress

    From time to time a nurse or a carer come and have a look to the Right. They do a good Job, especially in the last week in the dying phase of the father. Stefan listens to music and tells with him. Franz breathes regularly and very quickly.

    Stefan’s girlfriend is coming over, not allowed to say good-bye but. She cries in front of the door, then the nurse has mercy and lets you in. As she walks into the room, changed time equal to the breathing rate of Franz. You will slow down and he makes his last breath. It is 18 o’clock, Franz Reiser is peacefully asleep.

    Nine days later, the funeral under Corona conditions is: a burial. A maximum of 15 participants are allowed, no trade fair, not a chapel. Only four instead of the usual six pallbearers. The result is No Lowering of the coffin possible, the task of the excavator took over in the connection and also the funeral of coffee will be.

    “But in spite of all the circumstances, it was through a fellow pastor who knew my father for over 25 years in the presbytery, worthy of adoption,” says Stefan, with a quiet voice. And something that makes thoughtful then says, “I wonder how many people didn’t die to Corona, but to the attendant circumstances.”

    * The names have been changed.

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