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The host in front of the head and the half-baked meat, reject, or silently eat and hope that the health takes no damage? Researchers describe in the journal "Risk Analysis", what are the social norms cause people to prepared badly, or even spoiled food to eat.

Social norms, such as politeness, which is expected in certain situations, can bring us to, that we are at a garden party pink Hamburger, undercooked chicken or moldy bread to eat – especially when the future in-laws have invited. In their study, the researchers from Norway came to the conclusion that risk perception and social norms are the forces that act opposite to, and consumption of risky foods can affect.

Through three experiments they found that the perceived pressure to comply with social norms depends on the Situation, such as whether we eat a guest, at home or in a Restaurant. The expectation of the measure of correction and prevention if one does not adhere to social norms, as well as empathy towards the hosts had the strongest impact.

Of 17 different social situations, a first-time invitation to the future parents-in-law of the highest social pressure: The consequences, when offered food is to be rejected, were as serious and the Situation is generally considered to be unfamiliar and uncomfortable classified. Also the scenario of an enthusiastic 13-year-old daughter, who served a self-prepared dish, increased the probability, from empathy to eat things you would not eat normally. The lowest pressure was, however, alone at home In this comfortable and familiar Situation without witnesses and without social consequences someone eats hardly anything, what he does not like.