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Not only in autumn or Winter potato pancakes are a tasty dish. With Zucchini and the vegan are beefed up grater cakes are a particularly juicy and in the summer a nice variety on the plate.

My new interpretation of the variant is healthy, without the Egg and with only four ingredients instead of wheat flour I use chickpea flour, so the potato pancakes are also gluten-free.

This is complemented with a quickly made Dip and the combination is perfect.

Buffer: Raw or cooked potatoes?

Both is possible. I tend, however, to raw potatoes. You will have a better rasp and grater cake when you Fry something crispy.

After the Grate with a kitchen grater or with a food processor or a Thermomix, it is important that you put wrapped the grated potato mass gently with the hands or in a clean tea towel so the liquid is lost, which would be for the Fry to be a hindrance.

Which potato variety is for the buffer perfectly? I prefer to prepare them with a firm cooking potatoes to be. You keep a nice structure, according to the Fry a little bite, and are pleasantly crunchy. Predominantly waxy potatoes are also okay.

Only of mealy potatoes to cook, I would leave the fingers. They are more suitable for creamy mashed potatoes or Gnocchi.

Potato pancakes crispy roast

In order to have at the end of this delicious crispy potato pancakes, you must bake the potato mass out naturally.

Here we recommend a neutral Oil to use, which makes the buffer from the outside pleasantly crispy. I like to use heat-resistant Oil such as rapeseed oil. However, coconut oil is suitable for Frying.

After you have given the potato mass in portions, in a coated pan, it is recommended using of a spatula from the crowd, a kind of Pancake shape in identifying him press lightly.

The compacted mass and prevents the potato from falling apart.

The potato mass and fry because of the consumption of raw potatoes is not healthy, and even can be toxic.

Recipe for vegan potato-Zucchini-buffer with Dip

Juicy high 1000: The vegan potato-Zucchini-buffer, without Egg and Gluten. Instead of wheat flour here is chickpea flour is used. On Top there is a vegan Dip.

Tip: grated Zucchini can also be used by carrot to replace it. To taste, you could highlight a little more Zucchini/carrots into the potato buffer mass for the Extra vegetable kick.

Vegan Potato-Zucchini-Buffer

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