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To whom is the neck hurts, the tendency of attitudes to rigid Already.

The muscles are tense, or a nerve is pinched, it can intensify the pain but even still, says Munther Sabarini, neurosurgeon and founder of the Avicenna clinic in Berlin.

In spite of neck pain to stay in motion

Rather it is important to be mobile and to move in the everyday life to normal. Thereby, Gels, or creams, as well as the short-term intake of painkillers such as Ibuprofen or Diclofenac may help.

Also heat does well, for example, by Placing a hot water bottle or cherry pit pillow, and neck and relaxation exercises.

A severe muscle strain is, however, a case for the specialist. This can also clarify whether a different cause such as a muscle or nerve inflammation, or a herniated disc of the cervical spine is behind it.

Those who want to prevent neck pain, should move, especially in a lot of sedentary work on a regular basis.

It is easy to integrate: for example, with short stretching exercises, a walk in the lunch break or by doing things instead of Sitting.

Whoever holds the neck with a cloth and warm, protects from drafts, and a verse prevents breakdown of the muscles of the neck.

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