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Over the last several months, fitness enthusiasts have been trying out all kinds of at-home workouts to stave off the boredom and keep pursuing their goals in quarantine. For YouTuber Cole Baker, that meant recreating the training regime of his favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Uncle Iroh.

When Iroh gets imprisoned in the third season of the animated show (a minor spoiler, sorry), he passes the time by getting absolutely hench through a combination of situps, clap pushups, handstand pushups, one arm pullups, and hanging crunches. Because the character’s scenes never specify his rep count, Baker decides to just attempt each move to failure.

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Baker starts off with the situps, and manages to complete a set of 50 reps without stopping, then opts not to push himself any further as the next exercise is a difficult one: hanging crunches. “This seems a little dangerous,” he says, struggling to latch onto the bars with his feet. He ends up hanging by his knees instead.

“Whatever you do, do not try that at home,” he says. “That was pretty freaky. I only got around 10, maybe 15 good [reps] in there.”

Next up are the clap pushups, Uncle Iroh style. That means performing the move with clenched fists. “I think I might break my fingers doing this,” says Baker, and this version of the simple bodyweight exercise soon tires him out and burns up his chest. He moves onto the handstand pushup against a wall, but the fatigue is clearly getting to him, as he only manages five reps in that round.

He finishes the workout with the hardest move of them all: one-armed pullups. “I can most definitely not do one,” he says before attempting it. The closest he comes to a full rep is when he uses his free arm to grab the arm gripping the bar in order to help raise himself up, which doesn’t exactly count. Baker improvises an assisted one-arm pullup using a resistance band to support some of his weight. “Those are ridiculously hard,” he concludes.

“Honestly, that workout was really tough,” he says at the end of the challenge. “But I do feel I got a pretty decent pump in, it’s definitely not for beginners.”

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