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In General, it is assumed that a hangover is triggered by too much alcohol due to fluid and mineral deficiency. A study comes to the conclusion that this idea could be wrong, because a drink with vitamins and minerals, hangover-compounds-symptoms do not alleviate. If the Mix included the addition of plant extracts, the participants in the study felt better.

Scientists from the Institute for Molecular physiology, University of Mainz, reports in the journal "BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health", a plant extract from Acerola, prickly pear cactus, Ginkgo, willow, and ginger hangover relieve symptoms can The next day, study participants who had received such a drink, complained less of headaches (-34 percent) and Nausea (-42 percent). Also, lack of interest and restlessness were 27 and 41 percent less likely.

214 adults before and after alcohol consumption either a Placebo, a solution with minerals and vitamins or a solution with the same minerals and vitamins plus plant get extract. That the Placebo have not helped solution and the drink with vitamins and minerals for the hangover, talks according to the researchers, against the old wisdom that the alcohol-related loss of fluid and electrolytes for the hangover the next day is responsible.

The researchers write: "It seems to be clear that hangover symptoms are mainly caused by alcohol and its metabolites." You assume that polyphenols and flavonoids in the plant extract these symptoms. Exactly how this works, however needs to be further investigated.