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On hot days you want a cool home to relax and because of the Corona pandemic for many to Work.

But how do you survive the summer heat in a home office?

On very warm days you should pay attention to the moisture-permeable clothing, light meals and adequate fluid intake, advises the Institute for Occupational health advice (IFBG).

Recommended the handle is drinks lukewarm, because you are the body the Fastest as a refrigerant, is available. To cool liquids must only be by the body is heated, while hot drinks to promote sweating.

Specifically, the IFBG advises to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Also water-melons, cucumbers or tomatoes, the liquid needs to be regulated.

Photo gallery: 10 tips to combat the summer heat

Unnecessary technology off

Especially in the home office, please note that electronic devices emitting heat. Unused digital devices, you should turn off therefore.

Early in the Morning, you should ventilate the room and then darken it ideal with an external roller blind. As a result, it remains in the room longer to cool and the Work is enjoyable.

Air-conditioning systems to align properly

Air conditioning systems can help to make the air in your own four walls to cool down. However, it is important to direct the air stream never on themselves, but on the ceiling.

Or else a draught of air, which can have unpleasant consequences – sore throat threatens, for example.

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