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Who eats a purely plant-based, it can lower the blood pressure. It was unclear, however, whether it is necessary to refuse this strict on all animal products. This question is answered researchers from the UK now: A diet rich in plant foods, can improve blood pressure if it contains a little meat and dairy products.

The researchers have the effect of seven diet rich in plant foods are examined on the blood pressure. It showed that most of them lowered the blood pressure. The DASH diet, and Ovo-Lacto-vegetarians of the effect, however, was the greatest: she lowered the top blood pressure reading by an average of more than 5 mmHg, such as the researchers in the journal "Journal of Hypertension" reports.

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In the case of a DASH diet lot of vegetables, whole grain products, nuts and seeds and low-fat milk be eaten products. The consumption of sweets, saturated fat and sodium (salt) is, however, limited. Ovo-Lacto vegetarians refrain from eating meat, poultry and fish, eat dairy products and eggs.

The author of the study Joshua Gibbs of the University of Warwick concludes: "In principle, any transition to a plant-based diet is good. A blood pressure reduction to this extent would be lower, even with a limited consumption of animal products, the risk of stroke by 14 percent and heart attacks by 9 percent. The overall mortality rate could be reduced to 7 percent." For the analysis, the researchers evaluated the results from 41 studies with a total of 8,416 for finishing participants.