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The shoulder is a sensitive area: The structure of muscles, Tendons and joints can quickly get out of balance. "The shoulder thrives on the fact that you mobile bleibt", Professor Dr. Ingo Froböse of the German sport University in Cologne, says. This flexibility is not given, then it can lead to stiffness in the shoulder area – a so-called Frozen Shoulder.

The mobility of the shoulder should be, there are actually in all directions around 360 degrees. The joint socket of the shoulder blade is in relation to the humeral head is quite small. "Therefore, these areas are not zueinander&quot quickly in the sweetspot;, the expert says. As a result, the shoulder is one of the areas that you ausrenkt relatively quickly.

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Often no clear cause for the pain can be found

Pain in the shoulder are relatively common. In many cases, no clear cause can be found. In some people, it comes in over the course of the Frozen Shoulder: The shoulder acts as frozen and cannot be moved.

The disease typically proceeds in three phases: To the beginning of shoulder pain, especially – for example, if you stretch yourself, to take something from a shelf. In this Phase, pain is the main symptom. With time this can develop into a significantly reduced range of motion. This condition is sometimes after a few months of on again by itself, sometimes it remains permanently. (So you can recognize a Runner’s Knee)

A sickness is pain in the shoulder?

"A Frozen Shoulder is a kind of collective term for different movement restrictions in the Schulter", Froböse says. You can are based on different causes and often can be found in studies nothing, what could is clearly in pain, and a Stiff trigger. This can be for those Affected to be unsatisfactory. In other cases, you can see osteoarthritic changes.

Whether or not a Sick pain in the shoulder is necessary depends on the individual case. It depends on how the daily work looks like and how strong the pain is. Against the symptoms of medicines that act against the pain can help. Often it also helps to cool the shoulder with an ice pack. In some cases, the Doctors suggest a surgical procedure.

What helps with shoulder pain?

It is also important, the mobility of the shoulder to restore. In this example, physiotherapy can help. It is crucial, however, that Concerned to perform the Exercises at home on a regular basis.

In addition, you can prevent shoulder pain, often through the use of Exercises and mild pain self-get a grip. "The shoulder suffers, especially if you wird&quot not moved;, Froböse says. Actually, it can 360-degree move. "But when we do it is really once in each direction?" If the shoulder is not moved, the bonding, the structures quickly. The expert therefore recommends that, once on the day of the arms in all directions in circles. (These Work-outs will give your shoulders more mobility)

Why the diet is associated with a Frozen Shoulder, together

It can also be helpful, a small water bottle to take in Hand, to let the arms hang loosely, and then like a pendulum forward and backward swing. The torso, keep it quiet. "Good Exercises with the Theraband&quot are in addition suitable;, the expert says. So that you can stretch the structures in the shoulder at the same time and strong. "If you trained for four weeks, every second day, you should feel an improvement already." (Here you will find three Exercises for strong upper arms)

Some experts advise also, in the case of shoulder pain to focus on nutrition. Especially in the case of joint problems, the diet can have quite an impact, especially in osteoarthritis. Overall, you should pay attention to a balanced diet. Be particularly favorable, vegetables, fruit (especially berries), as well as various cold-water fish, such as cod, halibut, and rainbow trout apply. You should also use cold-pressed Oils such as linseed oil, sesame oil, canola oil or safflower oil. Unfavorable, joint problems, animal fats, and even coffee and alcohol, however, are. Also lemons, you should eat only in moderation.

This article was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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