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Looking for an excuse to get sweaty with your favorite pro wrestlers? WWE Superstar Sheamus (a.k.a. The Celtic Warrior) took the current quarantine situation as an opportunity to highlight a no equipment workout he did with Alexa Bliss back in March 2018 to get you motivated for a home workout.

“Listen, we’re all stuck at home and most people don’t have fancy garage gyms, so something like this might just get you through until gymnasiums open again all over the world,” Sheamus wrote alongside the workout. “Hopefully. All you need is the motivation to get up and sweat when you decide to… Brave Change,” .

The quick core and plyometrics workout was done in a small hotel gym using personal trainer Ryan P. Andreas’ Elite Online Training 4-Week Bootcamp, which the wrestlers streamed from Bliss’s iPad.

“Bliss kicked my ass. And this is just the first half of the workout,” Sheamus wrote.

Round One: 2 sets of high knees, high knee touches, jump squats, and jump lunges
Round Two:
1 set of burpees, burpee pushups, followed by more burpees
Round Three:
2 sets of leg lifts, toe touches, heel touches, opposite toe touches, Xs and Os
Round Four:
Tuck jump burpees, pushup burpees, burpees
Round Five:
2 sets of mountain climbers, elbow planks
Round Six:
3 sets of 3 jump squats, 3 pushups and 3 situps
Round Seven:
2 sets of spider knees, tuck jumps, elbow plank hip twist
Round Eight:
2 sets of dumbbell punch twists, dumbbell up and overs, V-up crunches

“I hate this guy,” says Sheamus only three minutes into the session.

They power through the first half of the routine, dripping sweat after just 12 minutes.

If you’re up to watch the full workout, check it out here:

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