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291 people have been infected, according to official data with the Coronavirus since the start of the outbreak in December. On Tuesday alone, 77 new cases had been reported, said China’s National health Commission in Beijing. 900 people were due to a possible infection under observation. Six people have already died of the Virus that causes sometimes life-threatening respiratory diseases. Further infections were reported from Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. All the victims were previously in Wuhan, have been infected so it is very likely in China. A suspected case is tested in Australia and the Philippines. A Briton is struggling in Thailand due to a respiratory infection for his life. The symptoms suggest that he, too, could have the Virus plugged in.

How the “Daily Mail” reported, the 32-Year-old from the English Lancashire for about a month in a hospital on the island of Phuket. Because his lung was collapsed, he had to be with a seaplane transported, because he could not handle flights at high altitude more. He is in a critical condition.

Parents start donations call

The Doctors found, according to the report, that his symptoms were consistent with the Chinese Coronavirus. An official confirmation it is not, there is however still means it. Meanwhile, the parents of the young man had traveled to Thailand to assist their son. On the donation platform “Go fund me” have you started a call to bring him as quickly as possible after home.


The first case of death by a mysterious new respiratory disease in China

The Briton was sold after a failed relationship his home in England to travel through Southeast Asia. A week after the departure, on 19. In December, he had to Ko Phi Phi to a hospital. As his condition worsened, they took him to Phuket. Two kilograms of liquid should have drained the Doctors, the 32-Year-old from a collapsed lung. In the meantime, the 1.82 Meter tall man of 88 kg was emaciated to 57 kilograms.

Expert holds Coronavirus infection is unlikely

The father explained to the British “Sun”, the situation is very serious. “He was standing two days before his death”, said the father. After a successful surgery, his survival would have increased opportunities in the meantime, however. “If he would not have previously been so fit and healthy, he wouldn’t be with us now.” He would advise everyone who travels to Asia, a mask, since everyone would have to wear a mask and there were people everywhere, the cough.”

Whether the British actually infected with the Coronavirus, is not clear. An expert from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine “the Daily Mail said” there is so far no evidence of Transmission of this Virus in Thailand. It therefore appeared unlikely. The symptoms could also indicate a respiratory infection.

Virus is transmitted from person to person

According to information from the health authorities, the novel Coronavirus had occurred first in December on a fish and poultry market in Wuhan. Single cases have been reported from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. A suspected case is currently being examined in Australia and the Philippines. All Infected and suspected cases abroad had stayed previously in Wuhan.

Lung disease

600 million Chinese go on trips – and could be spreading the Coronavirus more

The new Virus originates from the excitation of the family, which also includes the deadly Sars pathogen. The Sars epidemic had died in the years 2002 and 2003, nearly 350 people in mainland China, as well as nearly 300 in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the new Virus is transmitted from person to person. The world health organization (WHO) will discuss on Wednesday a crisis meeting with the new disease.

Sources: Daily Mail, “The Sun”, “Gofundme”, DPA, AFP

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